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25 Pieces Of Clothing With An Unexpected Twist

Mix it up — but just a little bit.

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1. A pretty LBD with a jaw-dropping wing design on the back for looking like an escaped angel.

2. A reversible, embroidered bomber jacket for people who can't decide what color they want.

You can even change colors midway through the day.

Get it on Amazon for $42.89+ (available in sizes S–3X).


7. This humorous shirt with a cute cat in the pocket that turns out to be less cute when you pull the pocket down.


17. This spacey pair of underwear that makes your butt glow in the dark.

19. This Cheshire Cat-inspired sweater that grins when you unzip its mouth.


21. These ripped up jeans that are held together with metal rings.

That's one way to keep your pants from becoming shorts.

Get it on Forever 21 for $29.90 (available in sizes 21–31).

24. This interesting dress with a surprise tutu in the back.