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    30 Awesome Ornaments To Help Bring Your Tree To The Next Level

    *buys a fake tree so it can stay up forever*

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    1. A gingerbread cloche so you can feel like you're in Jack Skellington's lab as he tries to figure out the meaning of Christmas.

    2. A herd of llamas ready to overtake your tree and make it 100% cuter.

    3. A chibi Harry Potter figure that will make the holidays magical.

    4. A stick of butter, because everything is better with butter.

    5. A plush sloth or sloth duo sure to be the best stocking stuffers ever.

    6. A T.rex ornament already busy delivering presents to all the good dinos of the Cretaceous period.

    7. A traditional pickle ornament for a dill-ightful display.

    8. A weirdly-not-creepy spider who will protect your tree from tiny ornament pests, I assume.

    9. A pack of glittery pool floats for people who want a beachy holiday.

    10. And a glitzy palm tree to keep the warm weather theme going.

    11. A fashionable "Glaminal" ready to strut its way onto your tree and make everyone feel a little underdressed.

    12. A festive Bigfoot who believes in Santa, because it knows what it feels like to have its existence denied. :(

    13. A Ruth Bader Ginsburg option — I'm seriously judging if you don't get this.

    14. A plush cactus that's so much more cuddly than the real thing.

    15. A legendary caticorn holding a banner with a very true statement. Amen, weird horned cat, amen.

    16. A plastic ornament with a tube of glittery lip balm inside. Love a multi-tasking beauty item.

    17. A cycling reindeer who sadly never got the hang of flying.

    18. Or a tiger who apparently did get the hang of it. Just look at those beautiful wings!

    19. A Legend of Zelda symbol to proudly display on your tree while you wait for someone to gift you Link's Awakening.

    20. A fancy geometric ornament for only the classiest of trees.

    21. A planet bauble so your tree can have the whole world on its branch.

    22. A bauble that doubles as a vase for anyone who looked at their tree and thought "needs even more greenery."

    23. A mini holiday DVD ornament so you can rep your fave classic. Before you ask, YES, Die Hard is an option.

    24. A slice of pumpkin pie for anyone still missing Thanksgiving.

    25. A brass bird pendant you can hang from your tree now and from a houseplant later.

    26. A sparkly mermaid I can practically hear singing a siren song. The lyrics go: "buy me/put me on the tree."

    27. A glass dog ornament that'll look really doggone cute on your tree.

    28. A pack of straw critters to help make your holidays feel merry and woodsy.

    29. A squirrel in underwear because you don't need indecent animals offending family members this holiday.

    30. A balloon animal that's not clowning around.

    31. And a Santaur that will make your holiday guests go "hmm...ok."

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