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    22 Things That'll Help You Make The Most Of Your Microwave

    Whether you don't have access to a full kitchen, have limited mobility, or just don't feel like doing dishes, these products are a lifesaver.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pasta cooker that'll let you continue to ignore the saucepan in your sink that's been "soaking" for the past week.

    2. A marshmallow cooker so you can finally get s'mores at home and never go camping ever again.

    3. A steamer that'll help you get freshly cooked rice, even in your office.

    4. A brownie pan capable of delivering delicious desserts in under four minutes for when you need sugar, like, this second.

    5. A heatable avocado pillow stuffed with natural buckwheat grains and lavender to give you sweet dreams about your next brunch date.

    6. A pair of special cookers that make ramen twice as fast, because no one eating instant noodles is looking to wait a second longer than they have to to chow down.

    7. An oversized egg you can fill with smaller eggs and pop in the microwave for soft or hard boiled eggs. What came first the cooked egg or the giant plastic egg?

    8. A microwave crisper that's famous on TV for showing everyone that zapped food doesn't have to be soggy.

    9. A pig-shaped container for cooking your bacon to crispy perfection without risking any oil splatter burns in the process.

    10. A potato bag so you can bake your spuds even when your conventional oven is a dud.

    11. A collapsible popcorn popper that offers a healthier alternative to the microwavable bags you grew up with.

    12. An omelet maker perfect for chefs with limited kitchen appliances.

    13. A microwave-safe bowl you can take out immediately with your bare hands without scorching yourself.

    14. A heatable owl friend to keep you warm on lonely nights when your cat refuses to cuddle.

    15. A corn cob steamer for zapping corn in just five minutes. How amaizeing is that?

    16. A splatter guard to keep your microwave safe from your latest midnight snack innovation.

    17. Or a collapsible cover that will take up practically no space in your already crowded kitchen.

    18. A colorful pouch for people who prefer their tortillas and pitas warm instead of crispy.

    19. And if some splatter gets on your walls anyway, a steaming angry mama will clean it right up.

    20. Informative mugs covered in a variety of recipes you can make with just your mug, a microwave, and low culinary standards.

    21. A popcorn making kit for popping corn right on the cob. Your next movie party is going to be poppin'!

    22. And a microwavable neck wrap to ease your aching shoulders after hoisting up the new microwave you got to accommodate all your cool stuff.

    Microwaveable meals go way beyond Hot Pockets.

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