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    23 Absurd Kitchen Gadgets That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

    OK, hear us out.

    1. Separate eggs the cutest way possible with a silicone cactus.

    2. Deliver tacos to yourself via plastic truck so you can enjoy them without spillage.

    3. Crack eggs with speed (and—bonus!—get a hand work-out) with this useful device.

    4. Spray lemon on everything using this ingenious spritzer.

    5. Take super cold shots with ice glasses (like snowmen do) thanks to this special mold.

    6. Always have a toothpick on hand courtesy of this generous narwhal.

    7. Successfully (finally!) peel a kiwi with this clever cutter and mini knife combo.

    8. Never suffer eating corn on a cob again—slice the kernels right off with this circular blade.

    9. Enjoy fresh fruit all summer long with an easy-to-use pineapple corer.

    10. Save yourself from knife wielding children thanks to this block that keeps everything locked down.

    11. Blow your guests away with this actual sushi bazooka.

    12. Make toadstool-esque radishes that even Mario would eat using this vegetable cutter.

    13. Feel like a master chef with a curved blade that slices food (but not your hands) in record time.

    14. Stop torturing yourself trying to clean whisks and get this plastic wedge to do the hard work for you.

    15. Create two half pies at once with this pan... because the only thing better than *one* pie filling is *two* pie fillings.

    16. Get the absolute perfect measurements for your recipes with scoopers that come with wipers.

    17. Cook all the aspects of your breakfast sandwich at once using this grill. Never settle for a bodega or diner breakfast again.

    18. Take the work out of whisking with this spinning one, because who needs wrist pain?

    19. Get a built-in kitchen helper to hold the bag open for you while you scoop in leftovers.

    20. Stamp all your grilled cheeses with Snoopy thanks to this unusual grill, because why the hell not?

    21. Completely emerge your cookies in milk without getting your fingers wet with this dipping spoon that should have been invented 20 years ago.

    22. Completely annihilate cloves of garlic with a speedy chopper that puts garlic presses to shame.

    23. Show the rest of the food in your fridge what's most important by keeping your beer bottles lofted with magnet strips.

    Enjoy your new Pee Wee Herman kitchen!