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23 Absurd Kitchen Gadgets That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

OK, hear us out.

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5. Take super cold shots with ice glasses (like snowmen do) thanks to this special mold.

7. Successfully (finally!) peel a kiwi with this clever cutter and mini knife combo.

Promising review: "I bought this because I had a few dollars left on a gift card and it was about to expire. Allow me to say, my expectations were low. But as much as I love kiwis, I always hated slicing them — so it was worth the risk. This magical device exceeded my expectations on an exponential scale. In less than 30 seconds I have an entire kiwi perfectly sliced and ready to eat. I feared that the nature of this gadget would cause some of the precious kiwi fruit to be left on the skin, wasting its sweet magnificence — but alas! — the wires are flexible enough to flawlessly conform to the inside surface of the skin and sharp enough to slice through the fruit without stabbing through the skin! I extract up to 90 percent of the goodness. Higher yield and efficiency over the countless peeling and slicing methods I have tried." —Chris Hutton

Get it on Amazon for $1.88.


10. Save yourself from knife wielding children thanks to this block that keeps everything locked down.

Just push the button on the side to unlock. It's also a good deterrent for drunk cooking.

Get it on Amazon for $29.99.

11. Blow your guests away with this actual sushi bazooka.

Promising review: "Just received this last week, used it this weekend and it was awesome!!! I posted pictures of the sushi I made and had neighbors knocking at the door to come try it. Definitely glad I took the leap of faith and look forward to experimenting with new rolls in the coming weeks. It is important to follow the instructions in regards to not overfilling the rice but at the same time not leaving it too loose either." —Mr David King

Get it on Amazon for $14.96 (it comes with two chopstick sets).


17. Cook all the aspects of your breakfast sandwich at once using this grill. Never settle for a bodega or diner breakfast again.

Not to say that a bacon, egg, and cheese from a corner shop doesn't sound great right now.

Get it on Amazon for $25.93.


20. Stamp all your grilled cheeses with Snoopy thanks to this unusual grill, because why the hell not?

What, you want to go your whole life eating grilled cheese without beloved cartoon characters imprinted on them? That's just silly.

Get it on Urban Outfitters for $38.

21. Completely emerge your cookies in milk without getting your fingers wet with this dipping spoon that should have been invented 20 years ago.

Where was this device when I was scooping Oreo mush out of the bottom of my glass with a spoon like an animal?

Get two on Amazon for $6.69.

22. Completely annihilate cloves of garlic with a speedy chopper that puts garlic presses to shame.

Promising review: "This is one of the handiest tools I have come across for food preparation. As a career woman and wife who insists on home-cooked meals for my family, this device has minimized the time spent preparing food for cooking — particularly when seasoning fish and meat. Together with the Vidalia Chop Wizard, which is used for onions and other large-sized vegetables, the only time spent now is to 'shell' the garlic before plopping it into the chopper and zoom zooming away." —Nadine 007

Get it on Amazon for $8.98.