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    27 Helpful Things That Could Make Gaming Easier And Frankly, Way Better

    Some video game accessories that just wanna help.

    1. A pair of Nintendo controller grips that'll make it way easier to hold onto a single Joy-Con when playing couch co-ops like Mario Kart.

    2. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses to help prevent eye strain from staring at a screen all day. Goodbye, Final Fantasy VII-induced headaches!

    3. An ultra-popular gaming headset that offers surround-sound, has snazzy LEDs, cancels out noise, and sports a microphone so you can yell at your fellow gamers.

    4. A Nintendo-branded SanDisk memory card so you can download aaalll the indie games you want without worrying about running out of room on your console.

    5. A TCL Roku TV that makes it super easy to switch between various streaming networks or gaming consoles. Life is sooo much easier when your TV is genius.

    6. A double PS4 controller charger so your wireless controllers are always juiced up AND easy to find. No more spending half an hour looking for a controller only for it to be completely dead.

    7. A microfiber screen cleaner that's also a tiny work of art to use when your screen is so smudgy, it's beginning to look like a van Gogh.

    8. A sleek power bank so you can keep your phone kicking, no matter how many hours of Grim Fandango you've played.

    9. Or a power bank that looks like a Tamagotchi or a sloth, in case you want something cuter.

    10. A USB charging station with hooks that attaches to the bottom of your desk so all your stuff can be charged and organized.

    11. A subscription to Retro Game Treasure — a service that mails you three to five older video games so you can easily expand your collection of nostalgic titles.

    12. A gamepad controller for your iPhone so playing app games can be way easier. Oh, and it charges your phone while you play so you don't have to worry about Call of Duty sucking up all your battery.

    13. Silicone paw print joystick caps to keep your thumbs happy during extended playing. Also they're so undeniably cute, how could you not want 'em?

    14. A projector for people who care less about resolution and more about BIG BIG BIG! Imagine how glorious Sonic's face will look on the big screen.

    15. A Snorlax Nintendo Switch pouch that'll keep your console and games safe and protected, no matter how bumpy Route 12 gets.

    16. A headphone holder mount that'll keep your headset out of the way when it's not on your head.

    17. A mousepad made especially for gaming so your mouse can glide across your desk with speed and grace of Tracer in Overwatch.

    18. A rocking gaming chair with built-in speakers so you can really recline while getting into your latest game. You can also just rock back and forth while saying thoughtfully "back in MY day, we had to blow into our cartridges to make them work."

    19. Or a splurge-worthy gaming chair that'll make an already great activity (sitting) even better. It reclines, has a head pillow and extra lumbar support, and is made of high-quality carbon fiber leather.

    20. An intense gaming desk with room for seriously all your stuff. I'm talking monitor stand, game and controller organizer, headphone hook, cord manager, charging station, and even a cup holder.

    21. A Netgear Nighthawk S8000 ethernet switch that efficiently manages multiple connections. Reviewers say it's a solid router because it offers a great gaming and streaming experience.

    22. Fingerless compression gloves to give your cramping paws some relief. Mashing the A button to get through dialog faster does come at a price.

    23. A splurge-worthy gaming keyboard with a customizable rainbow backlight and OmniPoint Adjustable Switches that'll make gaming as aesthetically pleasing as a trip on Rainbow Road.

    24. An HDMI splitter to help you avoid the annoying cable fumble when switching between your PS4 and Xbox.

    25. A mini tower with 10 outlets that'll act as a battery backup in case the unthinkable happens and the power goes out. Your Minecraft masterpiece is safe!

    26. A microphone to help you get your Twitch career off the ground. You're not going to achieve internet fame if your audio is crummy.

    27. A 24-inch 144Hz PC gaming monitor that'll make your Doom Eternal gameplay look so smooth and clear, you'll be able to see every minuscule, grotesque detail on those demons.

    Me on hour 200 of Animal Crossing:

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