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    30 Head-Turning Fashion Items That (Almost) No One Else Will Have

    Me looking at all these cool things: 👁️👄👁️

    1. Ombré corduroy pants in a color referred to as "Himalayan salt," which makes sense because everyone is gonna be salty when they realize you've out-dressed them.

    pink pants that fade to white at the ends

    2. A sleeveless jumpsuit with scrunchie straps and a cinched waist for tailored-looking fit. Layer with a tee or wear alone to show off your cool new back tattoo.

    3. A mesh bodysuit that's clearly the best option when you're looking for a more dynamic outfit.

    polka dot mesh long sleeve top

    4. A ruffly heart-shaped hat that's soooo much better than a boring ol' fedora or cowboy hat. This is your first step to starting the cutest dude ranch in history.

    pink hat with ruffled heart shaped brim

    5. A crop top that proves that flower power is real — the buttons make the shirt 100% better.

    green short sleeve top with four flower non-functional buttons

    6. A crystal glass butterfly bracelet because butterfly fashion is back, baby. Most '00s fashion trends were a mistake (the skirt over bell-bottom jeans look still makes me shudder) but not this one!

    an arm with a stack of butterfly bracelets on it

    7. An off-the-shoulder peplum top that's a total ruffle-fest.

    two layers of ruffles on an off shoulder top

    8. Huarache sandals in a variety of bright colors offering both comfort and style, the two most important things when it comes to getting dressed.

    woven sandals in different colors

    9. A splurge-worthy minidress with open sides to catch some cooling breezes on those super-hot days.

    white mini dress with cut outs under the arms

    10. A cropped floral cardigan so you can keep some blossoms going into the fall season.

    yellow flowers on black cardigan

    11. A dino-mite skater dress that owl reckon is the perfect piece for any season.

    12. A mixed emotions satin bomber jacket so you can feel like you're a member of a different, less talked about version of the Pink Ladies. You know, the ones juuust off screen.

    13. A purrfectly adorable playsuit for people who don't just like cats — they love them.

    short sleeve short playsuit

    14. A pair of heart studs connected with a dainty chain — how romantic!

    tiny hearts with little chain connecting them

    15. A wrap dress in a wonderful tropical print ready for your next beach trip. I can hear the seagulls already.

    long green dress with flowers

    16. A crop top with puff sleeves and a tiny flower pattern that's best worn to picnics and in cozy cottages. Look how darling!

    puff shoulder three quarter sleeve crop top with tiny flowers

    17. A splurge-worthy puff dress that clearly got its inspiration from paintings of cherubs against blue sky backdrops. You too can emulate a cloud when you wear this.

    blue and white puffy miini dress with big sleeves

    18. A wrap top with batwing sleeves to master the perfect slouchy look. Chic comfort can finally be yours.

    wrap blouse with big sleeves with elastic cuffs

    19. A pumpkin cardi because listen, it's never too early to start celebrating spooky season.

    black cardi with orange pumpkin pattern

    20. And some witchy shoe charms to keep that aesthetic going all year round.

    witch hat, crystal ball, dead plant, heart that says magic af, a pentagram, broom, and half moon

    21. A fun tube top for bold dressers who wanna take the "tiny top and big pants" look to the next level.

    ribbed sweetheart tube top

    22. A matching blouse and pant set in a trendy cobalt blue, because you can never ever have too much cobalt blue. I'm telling you — it's the best color!

    blouse and wide leg pants with silky-like material

    23. A ribbed knit pencil skirt — it's soft, it's cozy, it's trendy as heck. Why haven't you gotten this yet?

    reviewer wearing the orange midi skirt

    24. A chunky V-neck knit tank for those transitional weather days when it's not quite fall but you still really want it to be. This will make your sweater-weather-loving heart happy without totally overheating you.

    v-neck sweater  vest

    25. Fuzzy hair clips so your noggin can be greeted with a teddy bear–like hug.

    26. A pastel pleated miniskirt sure to make you feel like a cheerleader for the cutest team in town. Plus, it's over half off, so that's definitely something to cheer about.

    pink and light green plaid skirt

    27. A long-sleeve Henley dress with a colorful collar and cuffs. Now you can feel like a walking, talking rainbow.

    navy midi bodycon dress

    28. Chunky chain earrings for people who are sick of traditional metal jewelry. Sterling silver? No, I want JELLY.

    muted blue earrings with three chain links

    29. Haunted-piano pants that'll be the key to the perfect spooky outfit.

    model wears pants that have a split design, one side piano keys and one side black with white ghosts, moons, and bugs

    30. A ribbed V-neck top with a wonderfully slouchy fit for those fashionable ragamuffin days.

    reviewer wearing the taupe top

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