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    38 Gorgeous Long-Sleeved Dresses That Will Make The Cold Weather Bearable

    I want a dress with a short skirt and looooooong sleeves.

    1. A floral pattern midi that's just as comfortable as it is cute.

    2. A criss-cross number with an elastic band that's sure to cross your mind for days until you finally buy it.

    3. A fun patterned shirt dress in plenty of patterns you'll really want to pounce on.

    4. A long-sleeved midi dress that miiight look good on everyone. You should probably get one for everyone you know just to make sure.

    5. A tie pencil dress with lantern sleeves ready to light up your life.

    6. Or a wrap tie dress pretty much made to be worn with over-the-knee boots.

    7. A doggone adorable skater dress that's sure to be a wiener.

    8. A three-quarter sleeve swing dress you can rock pretty much any time of year and to any event.

    9. A ribbed bodycon that's the perfect blank canvas for all your amazing accessories.

    10. A turtleneck sweater dress, because, yes, your office is that cold.

    11. A hex-cellent maxi dress for a wonderfully witchy look.

    12. A shift dress with *~POCKETS~* that comes in a bunch of colors so you can buy one of each.

    13. A hi-low plaid shirt dress you really need to check out.

    14. A mermaid bodycon that'll go with swimmingly with the rest of your wardrobe.

    15. A chic sweater dress with a diagonal line of buttons to give it a little extra charm.

    16. A hoodie dress here to prove that you can be casual and comfortable while still wearing a dress.

    17. Or a longer hoodie dress that looks like it took a turn in Willy Wonka's taffy stretcher (the fashionable one).

    18. A collared A-line in a variety of wonderful patterns you'll be doing lip service for.

    19. A sporty V-neck bodycon you'll love, even if you never loved gym class.

    20. A crewneck cableknit number you might as well store right next to your riding boots, because they're perfect together.

    21. An elegant gown with floral lace sleeves and a long skirt to keep your stems warm.

    22. A collared polka-dot number so bright and sunny, you can wear it right into spring.

    23. An oversized sweater dress for next-level snuggliness that could rival that of a teddy bear.

    24. A simple henley bodycon you won't be able to button up about.

    25. A one-size-fits-some knitted dress that'll fit neatly into your life.

    26. A shift dress for tricking people into thinking you're a master layerer.

    27. A leopard wrap dress you should pounce on while you still can.

    28. A velvet cocktail dress perfect for winter and making you forget how annoying it can be to dress for cold weather.

    29. A polka-dot fit and flare for a look that's spot on.

    30. A cowl neck bodycon so cozy, it should come with its own cup of hot cider.

    31. A pocket-adorned midi that'll make you look cute as a button.

    32. A keyhole tie dress for ensuring you're always the best dressed person in the room.

    33. An asymmetric blazer that will make everyone green with envy.

    34. A stretchy maxi you can throw on and go.

    35. A wrap dress with vibrant feather embellishments. You're gonna look great in this, but don't get too peacocky.

    36. A patterned dress sporting bishop sleeves and a matching scarf that will make you starry-eyed.

    37. A paisley swing dress you can wear with a wide-brimmed hat in the summer or leggings and boots in the winter. Basically, this is your go-to dress.

    38. A cut-out dress for looking like you lost a fight with a pair of scissors, in a good way. Thanks, scissors!

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