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    24 Things That Might Get You To Start Gardening

    Let it grow, let it groooowww!

    1. A mountable brass growing house that lets your herbs and baby plants get all the light they need, no matter how dark the rest of your home is.

    2. An avocado seed growing kit so you can turn your food scraps into a beautiful, leafy friend.

    3. A trio of push-up pops that give you something almost as good as ice cream: seed blends!

    4. A high-quality glass spray bottle so you can spritz all your plant friends and trick them into thinking they're somewhere much more humid.

    5. An urban agriculture grow kit with everything you need to grow zinnia, sweat pea, and sunflowers in your tiny apartment.

    6. Packets of edible flower seeds for anyone who looked at a viola and was like, "I wanna eat that."

    7. A set of hard-to-kill succulents that will help you get your tree-legs and move on to more ambitious growing projects.

    8. A pack of pencils with little seed capsules on the ends, so you can plant these suckers right into a pot when you're done writing with them.

    9. A pair of simply ~radishing~ gardening gloves because accessorizing is always important, even in the backyard.

    10. An heirloom veggie kit to get you started on your journey to feeding yourself more fresh produce (I mean, like, pick-off-the-vine fresh).

    11. A wheelbarrow organizational shelf so you'll never have to ask "where the heck is my spade?" ever again.

    12. A garden seed kit that gives you everything you need to grow and make your own amazingly fresh salsa.

    13. A convenient countertop garden with an automatic LED light and a reminder system that lets you know exactly when to water your herbs. Keeping fresh herbs year round has never been such a no-brainer.

    14. A funky vegetable kit for making purple carrots, striped tomatoes, red Brussels sprouts, and more wacky options that might actually get you excited to eat your veggies.

    15. An indoor mason jar garden set that doubles as rustic decor.

    16. A set of adorable, floral tools you'll want to show off to all your neighbors.

    17. And some cute floral gloves to match! Carol at the community garden is gonna be sooo jealous.

    18. A packet of glass gem corn for growing your own amazing decor.

    19. An herb growing kit complete with biodegradable growing pots, moisture-proof organic seed packets, soil discs, bamboo plant markers, an herb grinder, and an instruction booklet.

    20. A pair of knee pads so you can get down to business without having trouble getting back up again.

    21. A decorative cart perfect for displaying your seasonal haul — or just a festive chihuahua.

    22. My Garden Box — a subscription service that delivers plants or gardening projects right to your door.

    23. A pack of little cats to scatter around your garden and keep it safe from possible intruders. Aphids better watch out for their claws.*

    24. And a gardening handbook for taking detailed notes about your findings so you can pass down your sage knowledge to your little sprouts.

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