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    25 Adorable Flannel Things To Wear All Autumn Long

    ~Check~ out these amazing fall options.

    1. A super long and loose-fitting shirt to get when you don't have any lumberjacks to borrow clothes from.

    2. A pair of soft and fuzzy loafers that will give you a cozy prep school look.

    3. A tartan button-down with a built-in hood for snuggliness from your head to your hands.

    4. An oversized tartan scarf that will protect you from the wind and look good doing it.

    5. A long, but fitted, buffalo check piece you can wear as a dress or shirt.

    6. A knotted headband for some flannel flare on your head.

    7. A pair of pajama pants perfect for lounging around the house, and possibly leaving the house, because they're almost too comfortable to take off.

    8. A zippered shirt jacket you're going to want this fall for some next-level seasonal layering.

    9. A simple plaid button-down that's about to be your favorite top.

    10. A patterned shirt for feeling soft and cuddly while still looking presentable at work.

    11. A buffalo check dress you're going to fall in love with.

    12. A pair of patterned pajama shorts covered in mittens, deer, or polar bears to get a jump on winter fashion early.

    13. A lined button-down for people who are not messing around when it comes to staying warm.

    14. A cuddly lace-up tunic you can throw on and go.

    15. An oversized pink button-down that Barbie might wear to her log cabin.

    16. A blanket scarf you can wrap around your neck or shoulders depending on how cold it gets.

    17. A cuddly pajama set for looking like a rustic catalogue model from the second you get out of bed.

    18. A gigantic trucker jacket lined with flannel that will look wheely good on you.

    19. A backless shirt dress with delicate chains for looking cute but tough.

    20. A blue and red button-down perfect to wear apple picking or scouting for the perfect pumpkin to carve.

    21. A tie-dress you can open up and wear as a light jacket—talk about versatile!

    22. A classic checked button-down with some big front pockets for keeping your gloves or other items.

    23. A tartan frock you know is going to look awesome with some knee-high boots.

    24. A plaid shirt maxi dress you can pair with leggings or jeans.

    25. A long, plaid shirt with elbow pads for teaching your new class, Layering 101.

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.