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    Even If You Buy Everything On This List, You Still Won't Spend More Than $50

    Shipping *not* included.

    1. A marble notepad for your most elegant and contemporary thoughts.

    2. A blind bag with a mystery Lilo and Stitch character (spoiler: it will probably be Stitch).

    3. A pack of juicy-looking fruit erasers that'll be the apple of your eye.

    4. A little book light so you can get a little reading done even when everyone else is asleep.

    5. A small copper and silver bud vase for housing some tiny flower pals.

    6. A charming greenhouse sticker to brighten your day even when you're stuck inside.

    7. A floral choker you'll want to wear every day.

    8. A ring with a hidden bottle cap opener so you can look like a total badass who opens bottles with their bare hands.

    9. Or an ace of spades bottle opener for something a little more magical.

    10. A pack of New Year's confetti worth celebrating.

    11. A sleepy looking pen hoo will be great for writing down your late-night ideas.

    12. A pack of randomly selected fruit slice coasters your guests will actually want to use.

    13. A pair of crescent moon hoop earrings that are out of this world.

    14. A pack of cute bunny stickers you'll want to stick on everything.

    15. A rainbow-colored fidget spinner so cool it'll score you some major points with the young people in your family this holiday season.

    16. A set of strap-on LED lights for a light show right at your fingertips.

    17. A randomly selected animal with a sticky notepad face.

    18. A hair chain for taking your bun game to the next level.

    19. A precious macaron you can hide little items in.

    20. A pack of sheer knee-high tights so you can keep your shins warm under longer dresses.

    21. A pack of shiba planner stickers that are just doggone adorable.

    22. A gold arm cuff you don't need to be a warrior princess to pull off.

    23. A lavender sheet mask that promotes hydration — something you really need while the heater is blasting.

    24. A pastel rainbow choker because '90s style is here to stay.

    25. A happy animal school supply that just rules.

    With prices like these, you can afford to be generous.

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