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Even If You Buy Everything On This List, You Still Won't Spend More Than $50

(Shipping not included.)

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1. This owl coin purse perfect for making late-night purchases.

Online shopping is gonna be a hoot.

Promising review: "This is a cute little coin purse. I got it for my eight-year-old and she's in love with it. So far it's held up despite her using it everyday. The owl design on the front is very detailed and hasn't worn off." —Jenn G

Get it on Amazon for $0.79.

3. This side mirror sticker to mock all the people behind you eating your dust.

Promising review: "These look awesome and have so far been issue free. I wash my car once a week and these have been rock solid on my mirror. Looks fairly legit, and makes me smile when I see it. Great inexpensive buy. Check them out." —SlimReviews

Get it on Amazon for $2.49.


5. This two-pack of screen protectors for people who are a little rough with their phones.

Promising review: "This is an AMAZING deal for how high quality this product is! The application is super easy and the kit comes with wipes and dust remover sticker!" —cassie

Get them on Amazon for $0.49.

7. This jelly-like lipstick that changes colors when you use it.

Promising review: "Very nice! At first glance it didn't look like it'd be particularly moisturizing but it really is! The tint is also very lovely. I received the red one. I was personally looking for a tint that I could build up as I please and that would moisturize instead of dry out. This did the trick!"

Get it on Amazon for $2.99.


8. This classy Kramer poster perfect for sitcom lovers.

"Promising review: "My dad is a huge Seinfeld fan, so this poster was the perfect gift! I framed it and now it's hanging in my folks' house. He laughs every time he walks by it. It's a great feel-good gift for any Seinfeld fan." —Jennifer L. Vandyk

Get it on Amazon for $1.56.

9. This puking egg toy that looks miserable enough to make you forget your own troubles.

Promising review: "Do you want to vomit on your friends and not worry about the cleanup? This Gudetama will do the job, and he will do it great. He vomits and cleans up! Like a weird, gross/kind friend." —Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon $1.19 .

11. This pair of cat socks that have felines on both the toes and heels, so you know you're getting the most cats for your money.

Promising review: "These are adorable and they fit very well. They're well made and even arrived early. I would definitely buy another pair." —Kelsey

Get them on Amazon for $0.69.


13. These super-cute highlighters that will actually make you excited to do work.

Promising review: "I'm honestly surprised by how great the quality is for the price. They're very bright and cute! They also came really fast: They were scheduled to come August 27 but arrived August 4! I would recommend 100%!" —Party Wizard

Get them on Amazon for $4.99.

15. This randomly selected sleeve of sticky notes for transforming memos into a colorful cute-fest.

Promising review: "These are cute and very helpful for my daughters. They love to read, but are always losing their bookmarks so these are great for sticking directly to their page. The sleeve of flags can be stored right in the inside sleeve of their binder so they always have them on hand. I love these and so do my daughters." —Renee Lindberg

Get them on Amazon for $1.55.


16. This adorable sticky note that's just looking for a new home.

Can you say no to a face like that?

Promising review: "This is the cutest, teeny-tiny little surprise to give to a friend or co-worker. It looks so cute on your desk and just makes you smile whenever you look at it. Keep in mind that it's very small so it's not really intended for note taking unless it's just one word. But if you are looking for a cuteness overload then this is a great product. It even tells you what kind of cat you get: I got a Scottish fold." —bethany

Get it on Amazon for $1.90 .

17. This lightweight kimono perfect for throwing on when you're on your way to the beach.,

Promising review: "This is adorable and versatile! It's very roomy and flowy. The colors are vivid and material feels high quality. It arrived way earlier than expected. The sleeves are batwing and spacious. I love this cardi!" —Tracey Russell

Get it on Amazon for $1.10+ (available in sizes 2–12 and 33 styles).

18. This color-changing nail polish that make washing your hands in hot water super mesmerizing.,

Promising review: "This stuff works! I had never used gel polish that cures with light until now. It's really, really cool and it works well. It's very translucent so if you want a solid color do at least three coats of the polish. I can't say enough positive things about this stuff—it's really, really neat!" —That One Silly Kitty

Get it on Amazon for $2.99.

19. This spinning ring you won't be able to stop playing with.


21. This simple cast iron opener so you'll never have to search through the drawers for a bottle opener again.

Promising review: "I was a little concerned about durability because of the pictures and the low price, but DAMN! This thing is solid! It comes with two screws, but I mounted it to my truck no problem with some metal self-tapping screws. I also put some gasket sealer on there. I have no concerns about leaving this thing out in the rain/elements. It will be a great addition to the truck for many years to come." —This Guy

Get it on Amazon for $2.50.

23. This makeup cleaner to finally convince you to start washing your makeup brushes.

Like flossing, it's just something you gotta do.

Promising review: "No more prune hands! It makes cleaning my brushes easier and faster." —Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $1.75.