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    Even If You Buy Everything On This List, You Still Won't Spend More Than $50

    (Shipping not included.)

    1. This owl coin purse perfect for making late-night purchases.

    2. These transparent socks with embroidered flowers for making a bold statement with your feet.

    3. This side mirror sticker to mock all the people behind you eating your dust.

    4. These transparent cat stickers that will look clawsome on all your stuff.

    5. This two-pack of screen protectors for people who are a little rough with their phones.

    6. This little panda headphone jack plug to keep dust and other debris out of your phone.

    7. This jelly-like lipstick that changes colors when you use it.

    8. This classy Kramer poster perfect for sitcom lovers.

    9. This puking egg toy that looks miserable enough to make you forget your own troubles.

    10. This set of four feather pens for pretending you're writing on a very old and important scroll.

    11. This pair of cat socks that have felines on both the toes and heels, so you know you're getting the most cats for your money.

    12. This glittery headband for blending in with your mermaid pals.

    13. These super-cute highlighters that will actually make you excited to do work.

    14. These colorful rubber hair ties almost as cute as scrunchies.

    15. This randomly selected sleeve of sticky notes for transforming memos into a colorful cute-fest.

    16. This adorable sticky note that's just looking for a new home.

    17. This lightweight kimono perfect for throwing on when you're on your way to the beach.

    18. This color-changing nail polish that make washing your hands in hot water super mesmerizing.

    19. This spinning ring you won't be able to stop playing with.

    20. These geometric hair clips that'll make your hair look so acute.

    21. This simple cast iron opener so you'll never have to search through the drawers for a bottle opener again.

    22. This pastel pink choker that's making us super starry-eyed.

    23. This makeup cleaner to finally convince you to start washing your makeup brushes.

    You honestly can't afford NOT to buy this stuff.