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    31 Engagement Rings For People Who Aren't Boring

    Finally! Rings with some personality.

    Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

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    1. This ethereal, rose gold-plated ring with raw quartz perfect for stacking.

    The Fox and Stone / Etsy / Via

    Get it from The Fox and Stone on Etsy for $249.99 (available in sizes 4–11 and four finishes).

    2. This silver, moonstone ring that will have you over the moon.

    Azalea / Via

    Get it from Azalea for $200 (available in sizes 6 or 7).

    3. This 14k rose gold ring with a tear-drop moonstone and matching diamond stacking ring that will bring on some real tears.

    HelloRing / Etsy / Via

    Get it from HelloRing on Etsy for $649+ (available in sizes 3–10 and six finishes).

    4. This gold-plated daisy ring for people who have been plucking a lot of petals off flowers.

    Vancaro / Via

    Get it from Vancaro for $165 (available in sizes 5–10).

    5. This 14k gold band dotted with a spectrum of different gems (for instance, an emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and ruby).

    Catbird / Via

    Get it from Catbird for $735 (available in sizes 3–9).

    6. This colorful moonstone ring set in oxidized sterling silver that changes colors as the light hits it, so it's like you're wearing a different ring every day.

    Blacktree / Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon for $105 (available in sizes 5–10).

    7. This bold stacking ring set with a raven cuddling a stone to symbolize protection and assistance.

    GeshaR / Etsy / Via

    Get it from GeshaR on Etsy for $450+ (available in sizes 4–13 and 22 stones).

    8. This grey crystal ring that's a little rough around the edges, because no relationship is completely perfect.

    littlesycamorebride / Via

    Get it from littlesycamorebride on Etsy for $650.

    9. This 18k gold ring with a black diamond and 22 tiny, conflict-free diamonds to symbolize taking on harder challenges in your relationship β€” and on the ski slope.

    Catbird / Via

    Get it from Catbird for $2,050+ (available in sizes 4–8 and two finishes).

    10. This intricate ruby and diamond ring for couples with a lot going on.

    TresorsDuJour / Etsy / Via

    Get it from TresorsDuJour on Etsy for $3,746.59+ (available in sizes 3–16 and four colors).

    11. This delicate lattice of flowering branches to celebrate the budding new chapter in your relationship.

    Catbird / Via

    Get it from Catbird for $1,980+ (available in sizes 4–7).

    12. This 14k gold-plated ring with a blue sapphire cradled in detailed leaves and branches for the nature-loving couple.

    TheManerovs / Etsy / Via

    Get it from TheManerovs on Etsy for $645.48 (available in sizes 4–10 and two colors).

    13. This adorable cat-eared ring with black zirconia for the purrfect engagement pictures.

    MySacrum / Etsy / Via

    Get it from MySacrum on Etsy for $104.93.

    14. This glittering topaz ring that's so easy to get lost in, you might forget to actually say yes.

    godjewelry / Etsy / Via

    Get it from godjewelry on Etsy for $99 (available in sizes 3–11).

    15. This 14k gold ring with tiny diamonds embedded in blue enamel for adding a drop of sunshine to your life.

    Of a Kind / Via

    Get it on Of a Kind for $1,700 (available in sizes 4.5–9).

    16. This gorgeous pink geode ring surrounded in 18k rose gold and 2.37 carats of tiny, irregular diamonds for a truly unique piece.

    Kimberly McDonald / Net-a-Porter / Via

    Get it from Net-a-Porter for $13,050 (available in size 7).

    17. This white gold ring with a pink sapphire that's adorably off-kilter, just like you.

    Sarah Hood Jewelry / Amazon / Via

    Get it from Sarah Hood Jewelry on Amazon for $495.

    18. This 14k rose gold ring set featuring a rutililated quartz surrounded by champagne diamonds worth toasting.

    Anna Sheffield / Via

    Get it from Anna Sheffield for $2,100 (available in sizes 3–13).

    19. This 18k gold heart ring dusted with pavΓ© white diamonds for showing off your love every day.

    Jennifer Meyer / Barneys / Via

    Get it from Barneys for $2,225 (available in size 7).

    20. This stacked, rose gold ring that proves that three stones are better than one.

    Larkspur & Hawk / Neiman Marcus / Via

    Get it from Neiman Marcus for $850.

    21. This elegant rose gold halo ring with conflict-free diamonds for feeling like an angel every day.

    ShopClementine / Etsy / Via

    Get it from ShopClementine on Etsy for $1,650 (available in sizes 4–9).

    22. This double-decker ring that's pretty much a crown for your finger.

    willwork / Etsy / Via

    Get it from willwork for $789+ (available in sizes 3–9 and three finishes).

    23. This nautical ring, with a rope-like band and sea-like, cuprian tourmaline stone, for a marriage as vast and endless as the ocean.

    Trumpet & Horn / Via

    Get it from Trumpet & Horn for $9,500.

    24. This mossy diamond slice ring for people who are unimpressed with perfectly cut diamonds.

    charlieandmarcelle / Etsy / Via

    Get it from charlieandmarcelle on Etsy for $895 (available in sizes 4–9.5).

    25. This 14k gold and diamond ring with a moonstone center for a more realistic version of lassoing the moon and giving it to your significant other.

    Luna Skye / Via

    Get it from Luna Skye for $1,885 (available in sizes 4–8.5 and three finishes).

    26. This white and yellow gold ring for a love that rivals Link and Zelda.

    SapphireDesignStudio / Etsy / Via

    Get it from SapphireDesignStudio on Etsy for $523.34+ (available in sizes 4–11 and 10 finishes).

    27. This spooky, silver-plated moonstone that Casper the Ghost might use to propose.

    ButterflyShop / Etsy / Via

    Get it from ButterflyShop on Amazon for $25.

    28. This rose gold ring with a matching rose diamond for people who want to take the next step with millennial pink.

    Bloomingdale's / Via

    Get it from Bloomingdale's for $1,700 (available in size 7).

    29. This mother of pearl lollipop ring that's just the eye candy your finger needs.

    Spring / Via

    Get it from Spring for $695 (available in size 7).

    30. This raw opal and dioptase ring with three bands that will have you running to the altar.

    HandcraftedGemsShop / Etsy / Via

    Get it from HandcraftedGemsShop on Etsy for $225+ (available in any size and four finishes).

    31. This diamond and sapphire cluster ring that's handmade, making each one as unique as your relationship.

    Bario Neal / Via

    Get it from Bario Neal for $2,837 (available in sizes 4.5–7.5 and eight finishes).

    Yay, love!


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