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    32 Dresses To Wear To Work That Aren't Boring

    Turn the halls of your office into your own personal runway.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Note: Everyone works in different types of offices with different types of dress codes. It's up to you to decide what's appropriate for your office.

    1. A striped bodycon for people with unparalleled taste.

    2. A breezy fit and flare perfect for wearing to work and whatever you decide to do afterwards.

    3. A tapestry-inspired maxi so your coworkers know this job is just a pitstop on your way to becoming an Insta-famous world traveler.

    4. A patterned button-up you can wear with heels on the weekday and sneakers on the weekend. Or if you're me, sneakers every day.

    5. A bold A-line with a belt for looking and feeling like the boss, even if you're just the intern (for now!).

    6. A two-toned pencil dress that will have interviewers penciling you in for a follow-up.

    7. A quarter-sleeve cutie almost too good-looking to wear to work because your co-workers will be too distracted admiring it.

    8. A patterned shirt dress with flowers or cats that comes with a free belt.

    9. A simple sleeveless dress affordable enough to buy multiples, just in case the Keurig spits coffee at you again.

    10. A best-selling swing dress that seems like a winner for everyone.

    11. A toucan-covered dress so cheerful, you won't be tempted to give anyone the bird.

    12. A blazer dress for taking all the best parts of the suit (cool buttons, a powerful lapel game) and none of the bad parts (pants).

    13. A pinstripe option with embroidered flowers that will do in a ~stitch~.

    14. A chiffon frock featuring seals, elephants, and tents to match your office, which is also a circus.

    15. A fun retro piece sporting wide sleeves and a bow tie for a cool '70s vibe.

    16. A shift dress that comes with a faux leather collar so everyone knows you mean business.

    17. A shift dress with mesh sleeves and fun appliques that will bring you joy even when the 4 pm slump hits.

    18. A simple midi dress so comfortable, you'll be able to sneak a nap in your cubicle.

    19. A striped cotton shirt dress with faux leather accents for a truly interesting work dress.

    20. A lacy sheath dress as professional as you are.

    21. A bold contrast pencil dress so beautiful, it's sure to get you an instant promotion.

    22. A floral beaut that will make everyone ~green~ with envy.

    23. A dynamic, two-toned bodycon dress for looking like a fashionable superhero — and duh, you are one. Who else can save the copier from paper jams?

    24. An embroidered skater dress that will actually make work bearable, thanks to all the compliments.

    25. An ultra-popular swing dress for people who think fashion peaked in the '50s.

    26. An patterned skater dress — your sleeves won't be the only thing fluttering.

    27. A porcelain print midi dress that looks ~plattering~ on everyone.

    28. A confetti-covered number worth celebrating.

    29. A simple skater dress you can throw on and go, instead of agonizing about what blouse to match with what pencil skirt.

    30. A polka-dot dress for a Minnie-Mouse-goes-corporate look.

    31. A color-block fit and flare that will have you twirling down the hallways.

    32. And a button-down midi dress you can button or unbutton to fit your location.

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