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    33 Dresses That Will Make You Say, "Quick Take My Picture!"

    How many selfies are socially acceptable to post on Instagram in one day? 10? 20? 20 sounds right.

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    1. A spaghetti-strap bodycon that's the perfect way to celebrate the newly warm weather.

    2. A sweater vest dress for layering pros looking for something a little different.

    3. A rainbow A-line sure to make a hue-ge impression on everyone who's lucky enough to see you in it.

    4. A tied maxi for walking dramatically down the sidewalk in. Don't be surprised if people mistake you for a celebrity and ask for your autograph.

    5. A long-sleeve skater dress just waiting to be paired with riding boots.

    6. A sleeveless collared dress in a variety of fun patterns for fun people — like you!

    7. A fit and flare with a keyhole necklace that just may be the key to your best dressed spring yet.

    8. A heather knit number that might become your go-to spring dress.

    9. A patterned swing dress appropriate for pretty much any occasion, including your fashion royalty coronation.

    10. A long-sleeve shift dress you really need to check out.

    11. An oversized sweater dress I promise you still need. You can't just trust March to just stay warm.

    12. A ruffly number ready to be your go-to dress whenever you need to impress everyone in a 40 square foot radius of you.

    13. A floral darling so cute, you'll be calling up half your contact list to make plans so everyone can see it.

    14. A sheer party dress proving that less is more.

    15. A shift dress with some very exciting sleeves. This frock may lead to more stretching, waving, and other general arm activities.

    16. A hi-low dress you'll just be plaid to have.

    17. A collared midi worth traveling the world for — luckily you don't have to!

    18. A denim shirt dress you should indi-go get right now!

    19. A shift dress simple enough to be a blank canvas for all your best accessories.

    20. A patterned skater dress everyone will (kick)flip out over.

    21. A polka dot midi dress you'll definitely want to be spotted in.

    22. A hoodie dress that's the perfect intersection of comfort and fashion.

    23. A stunning maxi sure to leave everyone tongue-tied.

    24. A patterned midi dress with a stretchy top — if this beaut doesn't scream spring, nothing does.

    25. A leopard smock worth pouncing on before it's too late.

    26. A dramatic maxi in so many different patterns, you'll probably end up putting like five of them in your cart.

    27. A dino-mite skater dress owl bet you'll want to show off to everyone.

    28. An emerald bodycon worth naming a whole magical city after.

    29. A pearl-dotted fit and flare you won't be able to clam up about.

    30. A long-sleeve fit and flare with a cut-out pattern on the skirt that only looks better when you twirl in it.

    31. A tied midi almost guaranteed to cause the number of selfies you take per day to spike.

    32. A porcelain-inspired bodycon you don't even have to dish out a ton of cash for.

    33. And a backless frock with super dramatic sleeves that'll still always have your back.

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