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    36 Disney Products That'll Totally Make Your Day

    Who's up for a trip to Disney World?

    1. This sticker wrap that transforms your iPhone charger into a Disney character.

    2. These fantastically over-the-top flats for the Cinderella lover.

    3. This waffle maker that pops out mouse-shaped waffles, so you can enjoy themed foods without a trip to Disney World.

    4. This Chromosphere necklace from Alice Through the Looking — it even has a tiny little Alice inside.

    5. This Stitch lightning charging cord that even lights up when you plug it in.

    6. This transparent phone case featuring the sassiest Aristocat.

    7. This miniature Mickey backpack for mouse-sized fashion.

    8. This Toy Story tote bag that you can fill with all your toys so they don't miss you when you leave the house.

    9. This Jack Skellington vinyl car sticker for bringing Halloween spirit with you everywhere you drive.

    10. This spiral wire protector that keeps wires cute and safe from fraying.

    11. This Beast backpack Belle might wear on her next trip to the library.

    12. This Chip mug that thankfully doesn't have any real chips.

    13. This striped Mickey bodysuit for living every day like it's 1994.

    14. These Mickey-inspired desk supplies that look like they belong on Walt Disney's desk.

    15. This 3D Tinkerbell crossbody bag for all you peeping fairies out there.

    16. This brassy peace pin that adds some attitude to your lapel.

    17. This glittery Aladdin enamel pin worth wishing for.

    18. This chiffon Alice in Wonderland skirt or dress that might as well have a tag that says "buy me!"

    19. These Mickey push pins for storyboarding your next big Disney fanfic.

    20. This small, plush gnome from Gravity Falls that barfs rainbows, but is somehow still cute.

    21. This Dumbo tote for when you want to get the show on the road.

    22. This sweater that'll help you dress like your mom in the '90s.

    23. This Stitch blanket for a nap so snuggly it might as well have been engineered in a space lab.

    24. This stained glass book clutch dedicated to all the badass Disney villains that you low-key look up to.

    25. These Simba slip-ons that come with little 3D ears.

    26. These foot and hair masks for getting the shiny follicles of Rapunzel and the silky smooth feet of Cinderella.

    27. This pack of Fujifilm film featuring Mickey and friends on the frames.

    28. These Minnie Mouse leggings you're going to want to wear everywhere.

    29. This limited edition Snow White compact mirror to use when there's no magic mirror nearby to consult.

    30. This Little Mermaid laptop vinyl that Ariel would definitely have in her grotto.

    31. This delightful Chip and Dale mug for feeling...chipper.

    32. This llama potion necklace you should make sure doesn't get into the wrong hands lest you have a Emperor's New Groove-esque coming of age adventure.

    33. This dole whip baseball cap for Disneyland fans with a sweet tooth.

    34. These adorable ankle socks featuring all your favorite OG Disney characters.

    35. This Lady and Tramp dog collar for Disney lovers that want to spread the joy to their pets.

    36. This Minnie Mouse area rug that's almost too cute to put your feet on.

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