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    23 Beautiful Diamond-Free Engagement Rings For People Looking For Something Unique

    Actually, opals are your best friend.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wow-worthy option featuring an emerald cut white topaz that will make you forget about diamonds entirely.

    white topaz ring with three teardrop stones on each side
    Local Eclectic

    The band is 10-karat yellow gold. Local Eclectic is a woman-owned business that is 94% female staffed and works to promote talented female jewelry designers.

    Get it from Local Eclectic for $520 (available in sizes 4–8).

    2. A raw opal and dioptase ring with three bands that will have you running to the altar.

    green stone with simple band in between two pointed rings dotted with smaller green stones
    HandcraftedGemsShop / Etsy / Via

    Get it from HandcraftedGemsShop on Etsy for $548+ (available in any size and four metals).

    3. An elegant choice featuring a princess cut aquamarine truly fit for royalty.

    princess cut aquamarine with cluster of marquise and round cz
    Tippy Taste

    Tippy Taste was founded by Tippy Hung, a Taiwan-born artist who now lives in NYC.

    Get it from Tippy Taste for $160 (available in sizes 3–9 and six metals).

    4. An Art Deco-inspired piece with a lab grown emerald surrounded by a sunburst of cubic zirconia for a truly eye-catching effect. The wedding bells, they are ringing! For me and this ring.

    round emerald surrounded by baguette cut stones around the whole thing

    There is an option to get real diamonds over cubic zirconia, but this post isn't about diamonds.

    Get it from NyFineJewelry on Etsy for $550.20 (available in sizes 3–8 and three metals).

    5. A mythical-looking moss agate ring for the swamp witch in your life.

    mossy agate stone with simple setting

    Get it from TheBeaLine on Etsy for $120+ (available in four metals).

    6. Or this moss agate ring because I'm sorry! I'm obsessed with moss agate! It's too cool not to consider.

    hand holding the green and blue ring with gold prongs
    capuccine / Etsy

    Get it from capuccine on Etsy for $863+ (available insizes 2–8 and three metals).

    7. A gasp-worthy Russian emerald ring with a unique V-shaped band that'll nestle quite nicely with a wedding band. Maybe one of these?

    round green stone with thin gold band that has a point at the bottom of the stone
    Valerie Madison

    Valerie Madison is a Black-owned business based in Seattle that uses high-quality precious metals from recycled sources.

    Get it from Valerie Madison for $1,815 (available in sizes 5–7.25, or message for a custom size).

    8. A rutilated quartz ring with a simple band because β€” hello β€” we can't have anything distract us from getting lost in this beautiful stone.

    round clear stone with black lines with a simple setting

    Get it from TheBeaLine on Etsy for $120+ (available in sizes 4–9 (available in four metals).

    9. A unique labradorite ring with a pair of hands to hold the stone in place. How romantic! *looks around for hands to hold me*

    green and purple stone with gold ring shaped like two hands

    Get it from HandmadeForWomen on Etsy for $19.45+ (available in sizes 000–16, in brass or gold).

    10. A contemporary square ring for the modern art lover looking to mix it up with their ring selection.


    Get it from leebonkboutique on Etsy for $117.60 (available in sizes 5–8, two stone colors, and three metals).

    11. A dainty 14-karat gold ring with a small onyx stone for anyone who hates all the over-the-top glitz that comes with traditional engagement rings. This simple cutie can be worn and cherished every minute of every day.

    thin gold band with small round black stone
    Automic Gold

    Automic Gold is a queer, trans-owned business that sells comfortable and versatile jewelry for all.

    Get it from Automic Gold for $189 (available in sizes 2–16 and three metals).

    12. A gorgeous moissanite choice featuring my all-time jewelry fav: matte gold! This babe is somehow both simple and unique, making it great for your very special love.

    white square stone in matte gold band

    If you don't love matte gold as much as I do, there are brushed and polished versions as well.

    Get it from onegarnetgirl on Etsy for $1,068 (available in sizes 3–10 and three metals).

    13. A sapphire ring with some serious enchanted mirror vibes (something we could all use some more of, imo).

    Dana Walden Bridal

    Get it from Dana Walden for $4,100 (available in four metals).

    14. A peridot and sterling silver ring for all those wonderful August babies out there.

    green round stone with silver band
    Kanika Jewelry Trove / Amazon

    Get it from Kanika Jewelry Trove on Amazon for $25.99+ (available in sizes 4.5-11).

    15. A smorgasbord of sapphires and tanzanites to show that your love is as deep (and blue!) as the ocean.

    blue baguette stone with smaller round stones on the other sides of the bands

    Get it from Catbird for $2,540.

    16. A rainbow sapphire eternity band for a unique and colorful look to let them know that THEY are the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

    gold ring with rainbow stones
    Joie de Viv

    Get it from Joie de Viv for $1,769 (available in sizes 4–8.5 or made to order, and three metals).

    17. A very wallet-friendly option featuring a lab-grown fire opal framed with cubic zirconia.

    oval opal in roped band
    TidePoolJewelryUS / Etsy

    Get it from TidePoolJewelryUS on Etsy for $39.99 (available in sizes 4–11 and five stone colors).

    18. A labradorite eternity band for people who like dark and moody stones. Highly recommend you pop the question while strolling through the moors on a foggy night.

    three rings with pink, white, and grey labradorite stones
    Bondeye Jewelry

    Get it from Bondeye Jewelry for $1,500 (available in sizes 4–8 and three colors).

    19. A rainbow moonstone ring known to make recipients feel ~over the moon~ with happiness.

    silver band with black worly design with round moonstone embedded in copper
    Clementine / Etsy

    You want the moon? Well, I can't give you the moon! But I can give you this moonstone ring!

    Get it from Clementine on Etsy for $168+ (available in sizes 5-10 and two finishes).

    20. Or a moonstone cluster ring at a price that's out of this world. So cute! So delicate! So affordable!

    white and blue stone with grey and green stones clustered around it
    Mizaara / Etsy

    Get it from Mizaara on Etsy for $32+ (available in sizes 3–13).

    21. A bold stacking ring set with a raven cuddling a stone to symbolize protection and assistance.

    thin silver band with moonstone on top with a stacking raven ring that cuddles with the stone
    GeshaR / Etsy

    Get it from GeshaR on Etsy for $170+ (available in sizes 4–13 and 22 stones).

    22. A festive indicolite tourmaline cluster worth a least 100 sappy love songs.

    square green stone with pin and green teardrop stones on the right on simple gold band
    meltemsem / Etsy

    Get it from meltemsem on Etsy for $350 (available in sizes 4–13).

    23. A 14-karat rose gold ring with a tear-drop moonstone and matching diamond stacking ring that will bring on some real tears.

    teadrop moonstone on sample band with a matching band that has a cluster of diamonds that go around it
    HelloRing / Etsy

    The diamonds are on the other ring so this counts!

    Get it from HelloRing on Etsy for $705.60+ (available in sizes 3–10 and six metals).

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