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    27 Cute Upgrades For All The Boring Old Items Around Your House

    Tell me why shouldn't everything in your house be stinkin' adorable?

    1. A mustachioed razor holder that gives "handlebar mustache" a new meaning.

    2. A mini heart-shaped pan for heart-shaped eggs and pancakes.

    3. A flower dish brush that will ~leaf~ your dirty dishes smelling as fresh as daisies.

    4. A pair of cactus dryer balls so your laundry will come out feeling anything but prickly.

    5. Or a cactus humidifier because sometimes your dry home feels like the desert.

    6. A retro mint dustpan that will make spills worth smiling over.

    7. A cat grater and dog whisk for feeling fancy as heck while whipping up delicious treats.

    8. A disco ball shaker cute enough to convince you to start party planning ASAP.

    9. A bear-y cute power strip that knows that sharing (electricity) is caring.

    10. A butter dish because you might as ~whale~ find a proper home for that dried-out butter.

    11. A litter box scoop complete with a little cat face. How purrfect is that?

    12. A yellow submarine contact case with an un-Beatle-ably cool look.

    13. A soap on the rope you'll think is just peachy.

    14. A shark stapler that'll take a bite out of your Monday blues.

    15. A sweet tape dispenser to grace your otter-wise boring desk.

    16. A bath mat that'll be such a ray of light in your bathroom, you'll be fishing for compliments from all your guests.

    17. A cat spice grinder for when you're ~feline~ like adding a little extra kick to your meal.

    18. A Mickey Mouse toaster so at least one of your foods can be Disney-themed. Sadly, we can't live in Disney World and eat mouse-shaped food forever, so this is the next best thing.

    19. A simply magical ice (or candy) mold for anyone who thinks drinks are the ~mane~ event of any dinner party.

    20. A mini Henry desk vacuum so precious, you'll want to use it on your whole home.

    21. A rabbit pizza cutter and fox ice cream scoop everyone will ~fauna~ over.

    22. A Star Wars slow cooker so you don't have to ~force~ yourself to cook — this thing will do it for you!

    23. Cat-shaped spoons you better keep your eye on or else someone will try to ~whisker~ them away.

    24. A pig can opener because the idea that kitchen basics can't be cute is totally hogwash.

    25. A mini hamper your dirty clothes are just ~pining~ for.

    26. A vibrant glass water bottle for actually getting you excited to stay hydrated.

    27. And an unbe-leaf-ably helpful pair of pruning scissors your plants will thank you for.

    How I feel about people who settle for un-cute home products.

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