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    30 Completely Adorable Cactus Products You Need Right Now

    The cactus = the best plant. Forget about them for four months and they'll be just fine.

    1. A pair of delicate silver earrings you'll never want to take out of your ears.

    2. A pillow that will look right at home on your couch.

    3. A little nightstand container with a cactus on top for easy opening.

    4. A sloth pin that combines two of our interests beautifully.

    5. A pack of fancy pens or a happy wooden pencil for sending adorable notes to your friends.

    6. A super cheap, inflatable cactus that will instantly make any room 100 times more fun.

    7. A pair of impossibly cute and chunky heels for bringing Santa Fe style with you wherever you go.

    8. A pool float that's made of strong PVC, which is good because a pool is no place for a real cactus.

    9. A classic soap on a rope that you probably didn't realize you needed, but definitely do.

    10. A super flattering one piece or adorable mixed pattern bikini for hanging out on the sand.

    11. A cozy looking duvet cover that will lead to you sleeping in every morning.

    12. A metal mug perfect for hiking through the West to do some cactus-watching.

    13. A collection of candles that look like real cacti but with less maintenance.

    14. A simple skater dress or cold shoulder number for showing up to the party looking sharp.

    15. A white or pink button-down perfect for watering plants in.

    16. A collection of socks you'll never want to cover up with shoes.

    17. A pair of hair clips we can all agree are in the best possible shape.

    18. A couple of impossibly cute dryer balls to save you from prickly clothes.

    19. A poncho to keep you dry, because we can't all live in an arid climate.

    20. A beautiful tapestry that takes the work out of deciding what to put on your wall.

    21. A gold marquee light perfect for adding a little dazzle to your room.

    22. A quirky cotton swab holder that makes it look like the desert is having some unseasonal snowy weather.

    23. A metal cookie cutter for baking the cookies of your dreams.

    24. A set of erasers that will encourage you to make mistakes all the time.

    25. An iron-on patch for adding to clothes to make them perfectly southwestern.

    26. An embroidered hat to keep your eyes shaded while walking through the desert, admiring cacti.

    27. A canvas laundry hamper with handles and everything.

    28. A transparent phone case for keeping your phone as safe as needles keep a cactus safe.

    29. A box of prickly pear candies for people who want to live like a true Arizonian.

    30. A charming gray messenger bag that even comes with a little cactus keychain.

    Go, cacti!