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    23 Trendy And Warm Boots That Aren't Ugly Nightmares

    Boots? More like beauts!

    1. Darling foldable combat boots in a whole host of cool colors.

    2. A pair of Doc Martens with fuzzy insides, in case the classic version isn't warm enough for ya.

    3. A pair of stylish snow boots that come in a variety of styles, some of which include cool bright red soles.

    4. A pair of sherpa-lined hiking boots worth actually going outside for.

    5. Ultra-popular combat boots that reviewers swear by for comfort, warmth, and most importantly, style.

    6. A pair of foldable boots so you can show off a little fuzz when it's not blizzarding out.

    7. Fun '90s-inspired Steve Maddens you'll feel sorry to part with in the spring.

    8. Chunky heels with teddy bear-level fuzziness on the inside.

    9. Water-resistant and microfleece-lined stunners that will keep you safe from gross weather and bland footwear.

    10. A pair of pastel cuties sure to tickle you pink.

    11. Chunky, strappy suede boots for braving the cold weather or starring in your own Matrix reboot.

    12. Velvety heels with a wide width and treaded soles so you can get to your office/date/party without slipping and sliding in the cold weather.

    13. Faux-fur-lined boots that are easy on eyes, and the wallet.

    14. Furry-lined rain boots to help you in even the grossest and slushiest of weather.

    15. Fuzzy Timberlands you can point to as the perfect blend of function and fashion.

    16. High-heeled Uggs that combine the brand's signature warmth with chic high heels.

    17. Water resistant, shearling-lined babes you won't want to take off. Be prepared to track some snow into your home.

    18. Cozy as heck ankle boots great for chilly days when you don't have to go full snow boot.

    19. Chunky but trendy snow boots ready to protect you from those puddles that are way deeper than they look.

    20. A pair of quilted combat boots that'll feel as warm and snuggly as a quilt blanket.

    21. A pair of gorgeous heels that aren't just a pretty face — they're warm too!

    22. Wide-width hiker boots with a bit of faux fur on the back for extra flair.

    23. And a pair of over-the-knee boots, because you need all the extra layering you can get.

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