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    14 Things Everyone Who's Ever Had A Blister Needs To Buy

    Stop those pus-filled jerks in their tracks.

    1. An anti-blister balm you can glide over any vulnerable areas to prevent friction and rubbing. Those sandals that always hurt your heels can now re-enter your fashion rotation.

    2. A pair of patches to line the heels of your shoes to make them more comfortable and less blister-inducing.

    3. A bottle of RunGoo made to moisturize and protect feet, no matter how far you're going.

    4. A roll of moleskin you can cut and apply to areas on your foot that are most susceptible to blisters. BRB, going to wrap up my entire foot.

    5. A pair of podcast-famous Bombas socks. These super durable socks will keep your feet safe from your evil, not-yet-broken-in sneakers.

    6. Or some super tough no-show socks that over 1,000 Amazon reviewers swear by.

    7. A box of Hydro Seal Band-Aids to protect any heel blisters you might have gotten breaking in your new loafers. They also work to prevent blisters by creating a barrier between your feet and your stiff shoes.

    8. A bottle of Pre-Heels — a spray that forms a protective coating to keep your feet blister-free, even when you break out the big heels.

    9. A pair of foot sleeves to cradle and cushion your delicate pups. They can protect feet from blisters along with corns, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and sore feet.

    10. A tea tree oil foot soak that can fix almost all your foot woes from fungus, to athlete's foot, to of course, blisters.

    11. And a foot bath to dump that foot soak in! This thing vibrates and heats water so you can treat your feet like royalty.

    12. A pair of heel-lining inserts that cushion the back of your foot and potentially prevent annoying blisters.

    13. A bottle of aloe you can apply to angry-looking blisters to help soothe and heal them.

    14. And finally, a pair of super comfortable Allbirds Wool Runner that would never, ever dream of hurting your precious feet.

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