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    25 Alarm Clocks You Actually Won't Hate Seeing In The Morning

    You have *got* to stop smashing all your alarm clocks with a hammer like you're in a cartoon.

    1. Join the dark side: get this Lego Darth Vader and never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again.

    2. Feel sleek as hell with this elegant gold and matte black clock.

    3. Wake up happy and hungry with a device that pumps out your favorite smell.

    4. Wake up to the sound of birds chirping using this darling little house.

    5. Get an alarm clock and light-show all in the one with this entrancing glowing rectangle.

    6. Start your mornings with a smile thanks to a car or cat-shaped cube.

    7. Feel like you're going back in time with this no-nonsense alarm clock.

    8. Never oversleep again thanks to an insistent mat that won't shut up until you step on it.

    9. Feel like a futuristic techie with a cool device that projects the time onto your wall.

    10. Invite over this alarm clock that kind of looks like a grinning face if you're susceptible to pareidolia.

    11. Travel with ease using a compact, battery-powered clock you can slip in your pocket.

    12. Scare yourself awake with an explosion-themed alarm clock that actually shakes your pillow.

    13. Wake up gradually using this patient machine that will slowly increase its alarm until you finally get up.

    14. Feel like a rustic lumberjack with this wooden cube.

    15. Keep it traditional thanks to this classic gray alarm clock with bells on top.

    16. Feel like you're waking up with the sun no matter what time you're actually waking up thanks to this sunlight simulation clock.

    17. Try not to swoon over this alarm clock with bunny ears (!!!) and chrome finish.

    18. Make mornings less painful with a Lego-shaped digital clock.

    19. Enjoy this minimalist clock that will keep chirping until you flip it over.

    20. Travel back in time with this super adorable, retro clock.

    21. Let this TARDIS alarm clock guide you back from dreamworld safe and sound.

    22. Feel like Cupid every morning with a cute heart that wakes you up on time to shoot people with arrows.

    23. Be fancy and get this electroluminescent clock that's hand-made with actual salvaged Soviet vacuum fluorescent display tubes.

    24. Feel like Rey using this BB8 alarm clock.

    25. Wake up like a princess with a clock that bathes you in warm light to mimic a sunrise.

    Good morning!