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    34 Affordable Dresses You Can Wear Literally All Year

    Pair these dresses with tights and boots in the winter and sandals in the summer — you'll never have to put something in storage and forget it exists again.

    1. An overall dress you can wear with short sleeves or a sweater underneath, depending on what your weather app says.

    2. A striped shirt dress perfect for layering.

    3. A simple long-sleeve dress to wear on casual days, whether they're in your beach house or ski chalet.

    4. A charming striped frock pretty much made to be worn with your favorite jacket.

    5. A sloth dress you'll be slow to put into storage (luckily you don't have to).

    6. An off-the-shoulder dress you'll never have to say goodbye to when the weather changes.

    7. A dreamy boho dress that's flowy enough for the warm weather but offers enough coverage for the winter.

    8. A net-like party dress you'll get caught up in.

    9. A retro style swing dress for people who tend to be dressed for the wrong decade but the right weather.

    10. A striped tie-dress to throw on when layering is a must.

    11. A denim dress with a tie belt you'll want to (indi)go everywhere in.

    12. A paisley shirt dress with a pattern that will fit any season.

    13. A midi dress sporting some pockets so summer you can leave a surprise five dollar bill for future autumn you.

    14. A maroon shirt dress with a breast pocket you'll never get sick of wearing.

    15. A grid shift dress you don't have to do the math to know is perfect for any temperature if you roll up the sleeves or pair with leggings.

    16. A patterned frock you'll be doing lip service for all year long.

    17. A patterned collared dress that looks just as good with flip-flops as it does with boots and an oversized cardigan.

    18. A striped, hooded bodycon for a contrasting look when there's contrasting weather reports.

    19. A flowy tunic dress with trumpet sleeves for a ~brassy~ new look.

    20. A strappy, cold-shoulder dress that you can still buy even if you're ~strapped~ for cash.

    21. A dramatic frock with an oversized neck bow for looking like a headmaster... even on summer vacation.

    22. A frock with rose appliques to wear long after the flowers outside are gone.

    23. A classic A-line dress that's absolutely timeless.

    24. A sheer smock with floral embroidery that'll really ~mesh~ with your other seasonal fashion choices.

    25. A bird-covered shift dress that will make your heart soar.

    26. A bold red skater dress with little blocks of pink for looking like a valentine way past February.

    27. A patterned swing dress that can handle the swings in temperature on an unpredictable spring day.

    28. A contrast skater dress likely inspired by Two Face, who everyone knows is both a winter and a summer.

    29. A deep V-necked dress with spaghetti straps, because formal events aren't exclusive to just one season.

    30. A cold-shoulder dress that will keep you cool in the summer or when the heat is blasting during the winter.

    31. A skater dress dotted in faux pearls that's ~pearl~fect for any season.

    32. A ribbed bodycon with a high neck will look just as good with a scarf and coat as a pair of sunglasses and a beach bag.

    33. A collared frock covered in zebras you might have herd is a good transitional piece of clothing.

    34. A dotted mesh skater dress so you can easily skate into the new season.

    Thank you tights, for letting me wear dresses all year round!

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