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10 Classic Works Of Art Totally Improved By Emoji

How did we express ourselves before emoji? They say you can't improve on a classic, but...we totally did. With new unlockable emoji Charms, Bejeweled Stars helps you go to your shiny place.

1. Anthony thinks people love it when he plays "Wonderwall" at house parties.

2. Monty has been trying to take this selfie for the last 10 minutes, but his friends will not stop photobombing him.

3. This jilted gent is Dirk. Dirk had his Valentine's Day plans canceled at the last minute.

4. Pierre would absolutely murder a pulled pork taco right now, but his cell has no service in this desert.

5. After this unfortunate day in the park, little Johanna never looked at birds the same way again.

6. Katie caught a spoiler from her favorite show on her morning commute.

7. Paige's mom took her phone away, so now she's trying to remember how people had fun before phones.

8. George forgot he had a chemistry exam until literally just now.

9. The popular girls always wear matching outfits to the pep rallies.

10. All the gentry agreed that 4K definition really made the colors of the regatta "pop" more than previous years.

With hundreds of unlockable Charms — awesome unique emojis — you can send gifts and messages to your friends in Bejeweled Stars! Express yo'self.

Go to your shiny place!

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