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31 Things That Will Make You Say Thats SO Millennial

They may all hate us... but we LOVE us

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The choice of sweet or savory for brunch… Brunching in general… yes it IS a verb

This kit available for $14.00 from various internet distributors... includes a sweet or savory coin to flip to help with this decision!

When Google Chrome autofill won't work and you have to type everything in... giving you more time to feel guilty about your online shopping addiction

When you post a super cute selfie but at the wrong time for likes purposes so you delete it and put it back up later

When you go to the gym and don’t post about it… did you really go?

Waking up after a fun night with friends, laying in bed, looking at the pictures

Turning on your read receipts just to passive aggressively let someone know you’re ignoring them

Socially conscientious brands >>> Brands that violate human rights, millennials actually do care.

Accidentally liking an exes photo from months ago while creeping on their Insta

Being able to order food online so we don’t have to talk on the phone

Trivia… Karaoke… any excuse for some weeknight drinking and socializing

Feeling strongly over the leggings are pants vs not pants dilemma

Making a Pinterest wedding board when you don’t even have a fiancé… let alone a boyfriend

Being able to order food online so we don’t have to talk on the phone

Doing something for the sole purpose of getting social media likes

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