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10 Ways To Make Long Distance Friendships Work

Let's face it, the "best years of our lives" are the most volatile, constantly changing and sometimes downright terrifying. Change is hard... you are having the time of your life in college, then whoop you graduate and all of your friends go their own separate ways... We are so lucky to have the technology we have now to keep up with friends but here are some creative ways to feel more in touch.

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10. Find a game in the app store you can play together

Draw Something, Words with Friends, Ruzzle, Uno, Jenga, Trivia Crack etc..

9. Group text, group text, group text!

Have a group of friends? Keep up with them all with a group chat. It is amazing how connected it will help everyone feel. Use it for funny stories, screenshot memories that Facebook sends you, etc

8. Make plans to see your friends

Try to coordinate meeting up for a long weekend, even if it's months away (even better, gives everyone more time to book cheap flights, save up, etc) having a countdown and knowing when you will see your friends next helps keep everyone more connected.

7. Pick a show to watch and Facetime/Skype each other during it

If you and your friend(s) would watch a show together in the dorms, continue watching it! Or if you're sick of it pick a new show.

6. Talk about "normal stuff"

Each week you and your friends each send the "highlight", "lowlight", and "funniest thing", that happened that week. That way you make sure to talk about everyday life.

5. Traveling journal

With a group of friends start a journal, and each week someone new gets it. Then after the week is up they ship it to the next friend. When you receive it it is fun to read through everyone else's entries.

4. Have a photo wall

Yes, we have Instagram, Facebook and Iphone libraries to view photos, but there is nothing like printed photos. Print out your favorite photos of friends and hang them up on the walls.

3. Send your friends little gifts

If you see something little you think a certain friend would like, buy it and send them a surprise package!

2. Be there for big events

Special birthdays, engagement parties, wedding showers, weddings, baby showers, if they lose a parent, etc... show up... Everyone is busy but so long as you have a vacation /sick day make sure to go to these special events to share in their joy or comfort them in their sadness.

1. "Open me when"

Great graduation gifts for your friends. Write a series of notes for certain topics, for example- "when you're sad", "when you need me and I'm not answering my phone", "when you need encouragement," etc. Fill the envelopes with notes, photos, little gifts etc. Then send all together.

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