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China's Investors Are Much Warier Now About Investing In A Kushner Family Project

"I became interested in this because the family is close to Trump — but now it seems that may not make a difference," one attendee told BuzzFeed News before the event.

Megha Rajagopalan 2 years ago

People Aren't Sure If This Movie's Theme Song Is Satire Or Sexist

The song is a direct remake of a Japanese song from the '70s that was criticized for sexism during the height of Japan's women's movement.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago

This Song Will Get You Through Literally Every Awkward Dinner With Your Family

Whether you celebrate Spring Festival or not, this song will help you make it to the other side of any family gathering.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago

A Famous Scholar Went Kinda Viral For Calling The US A "Failed State"

But people in China were wary about being too excited over the conclusions from Francis Fukuyama.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago
Beimeng Fu 2 years ago

Here's A List Of Things You Should Never Give A Chinese Guest

Clocks? Nope. Umbrella? Nope. Pears? YOU MONSTER.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago

This May Be The Worst Donald Trump Impersonator Ever

Everything. Is. Soooooooooo. Wrong.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago
Remy Smidt 2 years ago

Chinese State Media Keeps @-Ing Donald Trump On Twitter And It's Getting Testy

BuzzFeed News went through some of the Chinese government's state-run Twitter accounts to watch how China went from "gravely concerned" to just fed up.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago

A Chinese Businessman Wants To Turn A Small Iowa Town Into The Midwest’s China Hub

Muscatine, Iowa, with its four Chinese restaurants, connection with Mark Twain, and scenic river view, is not exactly the place you’d expect to become a hub of Chinese culture for the Midwest — but that’s just what it’s trying to do.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago

The Chinese Response To Trump Tweeting About China Is Lit AF

It's a sharp turn from before the election when Trump was the preferred US candidate.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago

Chinese Feminists Call Trump Out For His "Straight-Man-Cancer" Behaviors

The term, which has become popular on Chinese social media, is the Chinese version of “male chauvinist pig” in English.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago

This Pinterest-Worthy Dorm Room Will Give You Major Room Envy

A fantastic room inspired by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai's ukiyo-e, or "pictures of the floating world."

Eimi Yamamitsu 2 years ago

日本の浮世絵にあこがれて 中国の大学生の部屋が"和風っぽい"と大人気


Eimi Yamamitsu 2 years ago

Donald Trump Spoke With Taiwan's Leader And China Is Not Pleased

The president-elect spoke with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, a move that could raise tensions with China, which does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country and claims it as its own.

Salvador Hernandez 2 years ago

This Is How China Is Responding To President-Elect Trump, As Told Via Panda

Beijing is taking steps to fill in where the US is pulling back, but state media argues that China still really, really, really wants to maintain the status quo.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago



BuzzFeed Japan 2 years ago

China No Longer Lets Internet Users Call Kim Jong Un Fat

But that hasn't stopped them from finding creative ways to get around the censorship.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago

Here's The Story Of How Donald Trump Fought To Use His Own Name In China

Trump has been engaged in a decade-long legal battle to use his own name on buildings in China.

Beimeng Fu 2 years ago
Beimeng Fu 2 years ago