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11 Gorgeous Rooms That Show Colorful Walls Are Anything But Basic

Deciding to go from white walls to something bolder can seem absolutely scary. But BEHR® Interior Paints will help you find just the color you’re dreaming of.

1. This lime-colored loft that will inspire envy in any city dweller:

2. This lemony bathroom that proves yellow doesn't have to look dated:

3. This eclectic home office with gorgeous dark walls:

4. Also, this multicolored home that breaks every design rule but works anyway:

5. This neon green sitting room that's somehow retro and modern and classic all at the same time:

6. Plus this guest bedroom that's proof a black room can be totally cheerful:

7. This apartment with blue-gray walls that make it feel cozy AND spacious:

8. Both of the walls in this midcentury modern kitchen that's just as stylish now as it was 50 years ago:

9. This lagoon-colored accent wall that gives this bedroom its serene and beachy vibe:

10. The dark accent wall in this living room that's totally sleek, sexy, and grown up:

11. Finally, this turquoise kitchen that's rustic and bright at the same time:

Bring your colorful dream room to life with Behr Interior Paint.