14 Celebs Who Don't Seem To Be Getting Older

Some celebrities are like a fine wine. They just keep getting better with age! See if you can tell which picture is older than the other.

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6. Rob Lowe

Getty/Ron Galella, Ltd./Contributor and Getty/Craig Barritt/Stringer

He must be working out pretty hard in those "Parks and Recreation" because those baby blues still sparkle just as bright.

11. Jennifer Aniston

Getty/Steve Granitz/Contributor and Getty/Dave Allocca/Contributor

If they actually had that Friends reunion nothing will have changed except her haircut and cellphone coverage.

14. Halle Berry

Getty/Jon Kopaloff/Contributor and Getty/Time & Life Pictures/Contributor

Who says you need to change up your hair? Halle has 19 years of proof that you don't always need to switch things up.