18 Beautiful Outdoor Decks You’d Love To Own

May these beautiful decks inspire you to build the one of your dreams. Then, protect it with BEHR PREMIUM® Weatherproofing Wood Stain & Finish to help it weather the elements.

1. Does your dream deck have a jacuzzi?

Ladera Hotel / Via ladera.com

2. Or just a gorgeous view?

Hotel Villa Ducale / Via villaducale.com

3. Both. It can have both.

Frégate Island / Via fregate.com

4. You’re not a kid anymore, but you know you want a treehouse deck!

Ben Robbins / Via commons.wikimedia.org

5. A dream come true.

Londolozi Lounges / Via londolozi.com

6. Here's a good spot.

Post Rach Inn / Via postranchinn.com

7. This one too.

Shutterstock/ Nolte Lourens

8. Your deck should have a great view from above.

Hotel Santa Caterina / Via hotelsantacaterina.it

9. From the side.

Hotel Santa Caterina / Via hotelsantacaterina.it

10. And from the front!

Anantara Hotels / Via kihavah-maldives.anantara.com

11. So beautiful from the front.

Aana Resort / Via aanaresort.com

12. How about this beautiful deck overlooking a field of flowers?

Nikater / Via commons.wikimedia.org

13. Or a room that becomes a deck!

AirBnB / Via airbnb.com

14. Let's relax on a floating deck.

Farooq / Via Flickr: farooqnasir

15. Or one with fold out beds.

Dongwe Ocean View / Via dongweoceanview.com

16. Too beautiful for words.

Viceroy Bali / Via viceroybali.com

17. How about a deck with SWINGS over a POOL!?

Ladera Hotel / Via ladera.com

18. Yes. One day this dream deck can become a reality.

Londolozi Lounges / Via londolozi.com

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