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15 GIFs That Will Make You Want To Go Outside

Summer is here, so it's time to venture outdoors. Whether in the wilderness or in the comfort of your backyard, have fun in the sun! And to make sure you have a pleasant, splinter-free time on your deck - resurface with BEHR DECKOVER®. Now you're ready to party.

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1. Let's dream of summers where fires glow

2. Where we run through the beach

3. And just go with the flow

4. Let's dance without any cares

5. And slip and slide just for fun

6. Swing high if you dare

7. And go biking in the sun

8. Why don't we take a chance?

9. Feel the breeze on our skin

10. Stay for more than just a glance

11. Let's not go back in

12. It may be sizzling and hot

13. But the party's just begun

14. So let's reach for the stars

15. And go outside and have some fun!

And here's to bare feet in the summer heat!

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Don't let cracks and splinters ruin your fun. Use BEHR DECKOVER® to fill cracks and cover splinters on your weathered deck. And now the fun has just begun.