14 Things That Ruined Your Day As A Child

Did you ever have the horrible experience of getting a splinter stuck in your foot as a child? That was the worst! You don’t have to relive your childhood nightmare because there’s BEHR DECKOVER®. It gives new life to old wood, fills cracks and covers splinters, so you can run around barefoot and carefree this summer!

1. When your sibling stole your thunder.

2. The overwhelming amount of jealousy you felt when it was someone else’s birthday in class.

Quiltsalad / Via Flickr: quiltsalad

And your birthday is in the summer!

3. Getting a splinter from playing outside.

brittanyengbers / Via instagram.com

No need to worry about this now because you can use BEHR DECKOVER® to resurface old wood and cover up splinters. Go ahead and run around barefoot outside now!

4. When your teacher surprised you with a pop quiz.

Tom Woodward / Via Flickr: bionicteaching

5. The defeat of spilling.

6. Being picked last on the basketball team.

7. Losing your recess because you were talking too much in class.

Jack Corn / Via commons.wikimedia.org

What is this nonsense about raising your hand?

8. Forgetting it was picture day and being totally unprepared.

Rex Sorgatz / Via Flickr: fimoculous

Thanks for the bowl cut mom.

9. Missing the bus to school! (Or even worse… getting car sick.)

10. When you had to wear an embarrassing costume in the class play.

Heephongsociety / Via commons.wikimedia.org

And you forgot your lines.

11. When you forgot your locker combination, and there was only 1 minute left until the bell rang!

Jimlaneyjr / Via commons.wikimedia.org

12. When your classmates didn’t play by your game rules.

Of course you can do cherry bombs when you play 4square. What kind of monster doesn’t?

13. When the kid who sat in front of you in class wouldn’t stop bothering you.

14. When you had to run the mile in school.

Ugh. The worst day.

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