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10 Awkward Moments When Your Friends Owe You Money

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1. Your friend goes on holiday to Europe when they still owe you for concert tickets.

2. Your friend takes someone on a date when they owe you for dinner.

3. Your friend doesn't offer to pick up or split the brunch bill when they owe you for the last brunch still.

4. Your housemate ordering takeout when they still haven't transferred rent to you.

5. They buy new clothes when they still haven't paid you back for bailing them out of a tight month.

6. Your friend buys themself a gift even before putting into the shared gift THEY suggested for your other friend's birthday.

7. They use your Netflix log-in details to watch movies even though they still haven't paid you back for the coffee run you did.

8. Your friend gives you COINS for that coffee run even though they owe you petrol money.

9. They decide to take up a new expensive hobby before even paying you back for taking them to the movies.

10. Your friend gets new shoes when they still haven't paid you back for the jacket they borrowed and lost.

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