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9 Simple DIY Marinades You Won't Believe Are Made With Gin

The best way to step up your grilling game this summer is with a delicious marinade. And while you’re mastering the grill, make sure you treat yourself to a BLT — that’s a Beefeater®, lemon, and tonic. Spot-on!

1. Juniper Marinade

2. Gin and (Orange!) Juice Marinade

3. Gin-Spiked Barbecue Sauce

4. BLT Marinade

5. Spicy Gimlet Marinade

6. Minty Gin Marinade

7. Sweet, Sour, and Boozy Marinade

8. Spicy Gin Marinade

9. Gin-ger Marinade

Start your next grill session with a Beefeater® Gin marinade and a BLT! Spot-on!

All images Lauren Zaser / © BuzzFeed

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