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15 Of The Best Bed Threads Buys To Make Your Home Look Like Your Insta Feed

If you could add your Insta-feed to cart, here's what would be in it.

If you've found yourself spending more time inside than usual and wishing that your interior digs were a little more 'gram-worthy, here are 17 buys that will instantly transform your space — making it look and feel ~heavenly~.

1. A set of pure flax linen bedding that will transform your bedroom — and your sleep.

Bed without a headboard dressed with mustard and white linen bedding including a fitted white linen sheet, four pillows of which two are mustard and two are white, a mustard duvet and a white flat sheet underneath.

2. A 100% linen throw, which will take your bed from just neatly-made to artfully-styled.

3. Some extra linen pillowcases, so you can mix and match colours.

4. A set of scalloped place mats that basically guarantee your next dinner party will be a great time.

5. And a set of scalloped napkins because a striking place-setting calls for a coordinated placemat and napkin set.

6. A waffle bathrobe that can be glimpsed in every other bathroom shot on Instagram and is just begging to be styled in your newly re-vamped space.

7. Plus, a waffle bath towel that feels as luxe as it looks.

8. And don't forget a hand and face towel in a plush waffle knit that will re-invigorate your bathroom.

9. A print by Claudia Miranda, which will instantly become the focal point in any room.

10. A 100% linen long-sleeve shirt and matching pants.

11. And while you're there, pick up a mini and midi slip too.

12. A sumptuous linen tablecloth that will make every meal feel like a banquet.

13. A classic napkin set that will become an instant meal time staple.

14. A calming print by Annabelle Golden that explores the phenomenon of a midnight sun.

15. And finally, an olive leaf and thyme candle that smells as divine as it looks in an immaculate, but spontaneous bedside table snap.

To make your dream home a reality, shop the heavenly range of bedding, tableware, sleepwear, homewares and more at Bed Threads.