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    Why Do Millennials "Remember The 90s"

    This is for the Editorial Fellowship.

    When talking to anyone who considers themselves to be a Millennial you’ll often hear them reminisce about the 90s. Now as a baby Millennial myself I often find myself thinking back fondly on jelly shoes, overalls and Dunkaroos. But what is it that makes us all so nostalgic?


    The Millennial generation is one that like Gen Z after us has gone through a litany of historic events in our lives. I’ve seen so many “I’m tired of living through historical events” memes splashed across my social pages that it seems to be a universal understanding. Through all of this though we still try to maintain our little joys. Depending on where you fit in the millennial age range you may be balancing a full time job, dealing with the PTA or still drinking wine out of that Lion King cup you got when it was released as a collectors item in 1994.

    Lion King Mug

    Before I get into reminiscing let me first just say that there is no wrong way to be an adult. We are all still just trying to piece together this IKEA furniture that is adulthood, and let's face it, we have no idea where that screw came from or why everything is in Swedish. Millennials really are just trying to figure out how to do better than the generation before us and leave the world better for our pets, I mean kids. We see the flaws in the system and want to try to work towards fixing them. And let’s face it, if someone could tell us what a 401k is we’d be unstoppable.

    Woman thinking

    We just miss the days where we could play outside until the streetlights came on doing tricks and accidentally hitting our ankles with our razor scooters. Now don’t get me wrong, we can keep the dial-up internet and flip phones in the past. And we would like to keep using our cousin’s best friend’s Netflix. We just want to capture the magic we had back in those days and bring it with us to light up some of the darker days.

    Kids playing on scooter.

    So my Millennials keep your skinny jeans and side parts, turn on that mix cd playlist you created on Spotify and conquer today and everyday after. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll figure it all out but for now enjoy the ride that is life. Do what makes you happy, be kind, but most of all be yourself.