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RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION; 5 Vegan YouTubers To Inspire You To Love Plants

RE: BUZZFEED FOOD APPLICATION; Because sometimes you need a little refresher

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1. Hot for Food

View this video on YouTube / Via Hotforfood

Lauren Toyota dishes out all your favorite meals from your omnivore days and makes them completely vegan. Consider her the antithesis to the vegan-healthy duality you've come to know. Recipes include a vegan double down sandwich, buffalo cauliflower wings, and lasagna roll-ups.

2. Cam & Nina

View this video on YouTube / Via Cam&Nina

Need some good vibes in addition to recipe ideas? Cam and Nina are your go-to! Together, they create beautifully edited videos highlighting easy meals, relaxed living, and positive mindsets. Whether it be a "what I ate in a day" or video on the importance of gratitude, Cam and Nina are sure to put you in the mood to love the planet and your body.

3. Plant Based Travler

View this video on YouTube / Via Plant Based Traveler

Dand and Lou have some of the best-edited videos on YouTube. The expats living in Berlin focus on travel-based content, but include snippets ranging from recipes, info sessions on film photography or meditation, and how to live on $3 a day.

4. Bonnyrebecca

View this video on YouTube / Via Bonnyrebecca

A social media giant when it comes to veganism, Bonny consistently puts out videos focused on healthy meal ideas, exercise, and benefits of going vegan. Her "what I ate in a day" videos are a definite must if you want to mix up your #instaworthy vegan cooking game.

5. Jenny Mustard

View this video on YouTube / Via Jenny Mustard

In a bit of a different spirit from the rest of the list, Swedish Jenny is all about minimalism when it comes to life. Her content focuses on minimalistic wardrobe, decorating, and food. Her vegan recipes are stunning and clean, focusing on fresh ingredients and interesting flavor combinations.

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