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Quiz: Lord Of The Rings Trivia

How big of a Tolkien geek are you, really? Let's see how you do on my quiz.

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  1. What book is considered the "Bible" of Middle Earth?

    The Fellowship of the Ring
    The Simarillion
    The Two Towers
  2. Who is J. R. R. Tolkien's son, who does most of the editing of posthumous releases of Tolkien's work?

    Christopher Tolkien
    Ronald Tolkien
    J. R. R. Tolkien, Jr.
  3. In Moria, Gandalf famously tells the Balrog what?

    You shall eat cake!
    You shall not pass!
    You shall burn in Mordor!
  4. Who is the REAL hero of the Lord of the Rings saga?

    Samwise Gamgee, since he's the one who carries Frodo up to Mount Doom, even when Frodo can go no further.
    Frodo Baggins, since he destroys the ring in Mount Doom.
    Galadriel, because she could have taken the ring in Lothlorien and had ultimate power, but didn't take it from Frodo.
  5. Who is the antagonist in the Lord of the Rings saga?

    Sauron, who serves Morgoth, duh.
    Aragorn, King of Men.
    Merry and Pippin, pipeweed extraordinaires.

Quiz: Lord Of The Rings Trivia

You need to read the high fantasy of Lord of the Rings, and stat!

Although you might have guessed at a few of these, you clearly don't love LOTR as much as Dr. Kuehl or Josh Hartelt. Read the series, and hopefully you'll fall in love like we have!

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You are a LOTR trivia master!

Few have come so far in their LOTR trivia knowledge. From the grassy banks of the Shire to the shores of the West, you are a legit LOTR fan and partake in the rhetorical vision of high fantasy and lore.

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