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What It Was Like To Have Sex For The First Time Without My Hair

Having alopecia and being intimate was a tricky thing for me…

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ICYMI, the lovely Becky Harris shared her insanely inspiring story about what it was like to lose her hair to alopecia. Now, she opens up about having sex for the first time without her hair.

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After shaving her head, the one thing she felt a little apprehensive about was how this could impact her sex life.

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While hooking up with her boyfriend for the first time after getting her wig, Becky felt awkward AF...

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...So she took it off, and coincidentally felt even MORE uncomfortable, but wanted to seem OK on the surface. Her boyfriend admitted it just made him feel emotional.

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But she AND Corey realized that some things take time, and there was no need to "push it." Change takes time, but in the end, it's about finding what makes both you and your partner comfortable.

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Within a week it was all good and really showcased how much support and communication can make a relationship, and, tbh, the sex is pretty great now.

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Don't be afraid to communicate, and you should always LOVE who you are.

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