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What’s A Thought You Had That Made You Think ‘Am I The Only One?!’

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We all have those weird thoughts that creep into our minds at 3 a.m. / Via @rebeccahendin

Those times where you’re lost in your own rabbit hole and you come back to reality and think… “Am I the only one?”

"So many things are how many texts have gone through my head?!?"

BuzzFeed / Via

"Have I already bought the clothes I'll die in?"

BuzzFeed / Via

"You can ask a stranger for a cigarette, but not a piece of their chocolate bar? Wtf."

BuzzFeed / Via

Well, you might be, but why not share these thoughts and find out for good?

BuzzFeed / Via

Share the weirdest thought you’ve ever had with us and you might get featured in a BuzzFeed video. Seriously…. The weirder the better.

Showtime / Via

You can type your response below in the comments or submit a video and/or photo by uploading them to the corresponding Dropboxes below!