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    21 People Who Trolled Gordon Ramsay With Their Shitty Food Tweets

    And got trolled straight back.

    1. This Michelin-starred spectacle.

    2. This burns victim.

    3. This ~incident~.

    4. This thoughtful creation.

    5. This charred platter.

    6. This majestic dish known as "Minced Irish pork, slithers of loaf, churned cream, and Somerset fromage".

    7. it food?

    8. This twisted fantasy.

    9. These slimy monstrosities.

    10. This classic British tea.

    11. This minimalism.

    12. This mysterious pile of shapes.

    13. Chicken McMaggots.

    14. Sadness in their pies.


    16. This deception.

    17. This dish, which you can easily imagine being served in the world's best restaurants.

    18. These charred remains.

    19. This declaration of love.

    20. This delectable looking double act.

    21. This creamy blob.