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    What Is It About Emma Willis?

    She's just so...

    1. I don't know what it is about Emma Willis.

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    2. Whether she's presenting Big Brother, The Voice, or Heart Radio, she's just one of those people.

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    You love her. I love her. Everyone loves her. She is impossible not to like.

    3. It's definitely something to do with her hair. She has ridiculously good hair.


    But it's not just her great hair – although her hair is another level. There's more to it.

    4. Think about Emma Willis for a moment: She was the first female presenter to take over Big Brother after Davina.

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    Davina, who is the most likeable, fun, original presenter ever, who stole all our hearts and honestly still has them in a drawer somewhere.

    5. Then Emma Willis came along and, actually, it was totally fine. Because she's great.


    It wasn't Chris Evans taking over Top Gear. Or Grimmy taking over Radio 1. There was no horrible backlash. She didn't bomb and quit after a series. Emma just did her thing, and she's still doing it perfectly.

    6. And yes, part of that perfection is her hair.

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    Her hair shifts between a gorgeous, sleek bob and a really top-tier pixie cut.

    7. But it's also the fact that you feel like you could be her friend.

    8. But also, look at her hair.

    9. She's in a ridiculously lovely relationship with Matt from Busted.

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    Oh my god, they're gorgeous.

    10. It hasn't always been easy. Emma's spoken tearfully about helping Matt through rehab.

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    You will cry watching this.

    11. So another thing about Emma Willis is her good heart.

    Matt and Emma have been married for eight years, they have three kids, and they love each other so much.

    12. The story of them getting together is the cutest – she interviewed him and they became friends.

    13. And then she asked him out, because she's a great woman.

    14. We do need to take a short break here to look at her hair again, though.

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    15. Now, it wouldn't be right to discuss Emma Willis without a quick recap of her exceptional wardrobe choices...

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    16. Yup.

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    17. Completely.

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    Want it.

    18. Absolutely, 100% yes.

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    19. Every time. Every single time.

    20. Being pregnant, if anything, just made her even more glam.

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    Emma's 40, she has three kids, and she is without a doubt one of the sleekest, glammest women in Britain but not in annoying way, just in a really, really great way. You feel happy that she exists and can only aspire to one day be like her.

    21. There is something else we need to mention before the end, and that is her hair.

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    We shall christen this grown-out pixie cut The Emma Willis.

    22. Alongside everything else, she really does have such very, very, very good hair.

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