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    27 Fucked Up Food Combinations That Shouldn't Work But Do

    Don't knock it 'til you try it.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best weird but delicious food combinations. Here are the results!

    1. "Peanut butter, mayonaise, and banana sandwiches."

    Twitter: @ChopAttack

    "Amazing, really." – hippben1455

    2. "Warm hot cross bun + vanilla ice cream = one FABULOUS ice cream sandwich."

    3. "McDonald's fries dipped in ice cream."

    Twitter: @StaciaDee89

    "You get the sweet and salty plus the hot and cold <3." – memaby83

    4. "Rice Krispies Treat with nacho cheese sauce."

    Twitter: @smileypop28, Iamthatiam / Getty Images

    – jenloring425

    5. "Hula Hoops and M&M's all dumped into one bag."

    6. "Nutella and cheese grilled sandwich."

    7. "Digestive biscuits with cheese."

    Twitter: @Gordon1Tracy

    "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it – my friend was disgusted, but after trying them, admitted that it changed her life." – judes3105

    8. "Banana on pizza."

    Twitter: @gaujacharlotte

    "I learnt it whilst travelling in Zanzibar and haven't looked back!" – alext4e3fc38a7

    9. "Coco pops and custard."

    Twitter: @robheys

    "Mmm, has to be warmed up :p." – m4384367c5

    10. "Pasta sandwiches."

    11. Peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich.

    12. "Chicken nuggets dipped in Nutella!"

    Twitter: @hayley_gracee

    "Say bye to sadness 'cause you will never see it again. This is so good." – leahbradford25

    13. "Apple pie in a bowl of milk."

    Twitter: @librarysteg

    "Like cereal but pie." – katrinac48ff68bd4

    14. "Pretzels with vanilla frosting."

    Twitter: @writercarrie

    "I was a part of this youth group as a teen that introduced me to an amazing snack combination: pretzels and vanilla frosting. The sweet and salty combo is heavenly!" – gilliang42192349f

    15. "Shortbread biscuits covered in sriracha."

    Twitter: @scorchadoom

    "I tried it out of pure curiosity and I'm damn glad I did." – mamber

    16. "Cheese with raspberry jam."

    17. "Candied bacon sandwich with peanut butter."

    Trine Daely

    – trinedaely

    18. "Peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches."

    Twitter: @The_Only_Me__

    "PB on both pieces of bread, so no sogginess. Last time I ate one my SO was shouting 'please don't eat that!!' but it's been in my repertoire since 5th grade." – Sarah Bryant via Facebook

    19. "Bagels with cream cheese covered with crushed Doritos"

    Twitter: @ninamurdah

    "This was my favourite pregnancy food. I discovered it was still good post partem as well." – Jennie Lynch via Facebook

    20. "Ready salted crisps with HP brown sauce is amazing."

    Twitter: @Spurge83

    – Maryann Williamson via Facebook

    21. "Pizza with chocolate is DELICIOUS!"

    Twitter: @xxanqelaarceoxx

    "I started melting Hersheys Kisses on my Pizza Hut pizza waaaayy back in the day when I was like 6, and still do it to this day. Nothing beats the delicious taste of chocolate with cheese and tomato sauce. Don't knock it till you try it!" – Susan Williams via Facebook

    22. "Ketchup mixed into white rice."

    Twitter: @jennalehan

    – Taylor Coram via Facebook

    23. "Chicken nuggets dipped in ice cream are the shit."

    Twitter: @DraakSataria

    – Jane Glicini via Facebook

    24. "A friend of my sis introduced us to Stilton with chocolate orange."

    Twitter: @CheeseGrotto

    "It was inspired!" – Tricia Stewart via Facebook

    25. "Omelette with jam."

    Twitter: @JamesStringer10

    "I honestly don't know why, it just tastes amazing for me." – Sara Plucinski via Facebook

    26. "Banana bread with cheddar cheese."

    Twitter: @lollypop243

    "It sounds strange but the sweet and savoury combination is delicious!" – Norah Ejumu via Facebook

    27. "Nothing beats a peanut butter and cheese sandwich."

    Twitter: @vortexshaun

    "I'm getting all hungry just thinking about it!" – Facebook

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