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19 Things That Happen When You Watch "University Challenge"

You feel like a genius if you get one question right.

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5. And it's the best feeling in the world when the bonus questions are on your specialist subject.

Absolutely smashed the pastry questions on #UniversityChallenge tonight!

You know what mille-feuille is 💅

8. And quite a few of the questions make literally no sense to you whatsoever.


"What name denotes the class of devices used in clocks that intervene between the motive power and the regulator, causing an intermittent impulse to be given to the regulator and converting rotational to oscillatory motion?"


11. You're always ~completely honest~ about how many questions you get right.

When people ask me how many questions I get right watching University Challenge


18. The tension is unbearable as the time runs out.

This round is so close! #UniversityChallenge