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    19 Cringe Things That Happen On Every Episode Of "Come Dine With Me"

    If in doubt, cover it in Thai mango dressing.

    1. One of the guests will look like this.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    He lives in a tacky mansion and has lots of opinions which he will force on everyone during the week.

    2. The host will reveal their menu which includes some creative food combinations.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    3. A guest will look at the menu and say, "Oooh, no, I don't like pasta. Oooh, no, pasta, disgusting stuff."

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions

    4. The host will have a culinary disaster and end up buying a replacement from the supermarket which they'll try to pass off as their own.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    5. The host will embrace their mortal enemy with a smile and pretend they're happy to see them.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions

    6. The sarcastic narrator will give you life.


    He is truly the best thing about the show.

    7. The guests will mingle awkwardly in the host's front room.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions

    All the overhead lights are on. There's no music. One man is wearing a onesie.

    8. The dreariest host will have the most interesting things hidden in their cupboard upstairs.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    The guests will bring something incriminating downstairs to humilate the host with.

    9. Two guests will ruin the dinner by fighting.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions / BuzzFeed

    They'll have beef with each other all week and won't let it go.

    10. Something will get burnt.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions

    11. The guests will moan about the fact that something on the menu wasn't homemade.

    12. The host will unleash some kind of devastating "entertainment" on the guests.

    The Geffen Film Company

    Everyone will look incredibly awkward.

    13. The host will commit a grave error of judgement which results in yet more awkwardness.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions / BuzzFeed

    14. Everyone will turn on one particularly annoying guest.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions

    15. Someone will be very upfront about how much they hate the food.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions

    Honestly Carol, where are your manners?

    16. Someone will try to dress up the most basic meal imaginable as a Michelin-starred dish.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions

    17. A host who probably doesn't deserve it will lead the scoreboard due to generous early scoring.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions

    They'll turn out to be a really nasty piece of work and everyone will regret marking them so highly.

    18. Someone will deliver a damning score for a perfectly pleasant evening.

    Twitter: @DecLloyd

    Yeah, whatever Sue. We saw you wolfing down your food, guzzling the wine, and smiling the whole night. Pure tactics.

    19. Everyone will pretend to be happy for the winner even though they're jealous as fuck and everyone hates each other.

    Channel 4 / Shiver Productions

    Then they'll all promise to see each other again.

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