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17 British Food Quirks That Some People Find Very Upsetting

These aren't acceptable, sorry.

1. Eating baked beans with ketchup.

Twitter: @rawlimark

They are two very different flavours of tomato, and they clash.

2. Eating an omelette with ketchup.

Twitter: @lloyd_purdy

It doesn't go with omelette, although it does go with scrambled eggs, idk, that's just how it is.

3. Serving drinks in jam jars.

Twitter: @pdxtraveltips

The rim is too thick, and, honestly, what's wrong with glasses?

4. Serving food NOT on plates.

Twitter: @WeWantPlates

Plates are great at the job thank you very much.

5. Making posh sausage rolls.

Twitter: @M0nk33y

Sausage rolls should be in a very greasy pastry, and the sausage meat should be like 80% rusk.

6. Putting salad cream on things.

Twitter: @FashionableF00d

Sorry if you like salad cream, but it's just not right.

7. Trying to make "prawn cocktail" flavour crisps happen.

rest of the world: fuck racism, stop the kkk, trump is a nazi!!!!! England: oi nah vote for prawn cocktail crisps x


They don't even taste like prawns!

8. Replacing prawn with crayfish in sandwiches.

9. Having fancy lumpy, expensive tomato soup rather than good ole tinned soup.

Twitter: @FussyFoodie

Classic tinned tomato soup is the best soup.

10. Eating pizza with mayo.

11. And eating lasagne with mayo.

Twitter: @HannahSmeeton

Mayonnaise is delicious, just not with lasagne.

12. Putting baked beans inside toasties.

13. Making food rainbow coloured.

This doesn't add to the toastie, it detracts from the toastie.

14. Curry with chips AND rice.

Twitter: @QuaysBarDerry


15. Putting ketchup on spaghetti.

Twitter: @slowsplits

If you're over five, this is not appropriate behaviour.

16. Serving a roast with only a tiny dribble of gravy.

17. Or worse, a roast with NO gravy at all. 😩