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7 Couples Who Found True Love On "Take Me Out"

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This is the best bit though: Against all odds, people have actually found true love on the show.

Twitter: @beckie_finch

Honestly, I can't believe that was why anyone actually applied to be on it. They applied to lick a cucumber and play with balls. Not because they genuinely thought it might end in romance.

So here are the 7 Take Me Out couples that gone and done got married...

1. Beckie Finch and Adam Ryan, series 8

Instagram: @beckie_finch

TRUE STORY: Adam did NOT pick Beckie. He rejected her for a girl called Laura.

Adam went to Fernando's with Laura, and Beckie went with a guy called James.


Omg here they are getting married in April 2017!

Let the bride see the groom! Congratulations on your wedding day Beckie and Adam! 💒 @beckie_finch ❤ @AdamRyan_

Look at them! He's so in love he forgot his socks.

3. Dave Cobain and Adele Vellacott, series 2

Thames TV/ITV

Dave actually didn't pick Adele on the show back in 2012. He rejected her for Lucy Evans. Then Adele got chosen by another guy, and they all ended up on Fernando's together.


4. Gavin Ellis and Gemma Gordon, series 5


Here's Gavin and Gemma meeting on the show in 2013. Gavin's a musician, and he did an impression of Slash from Guns 'n' Roses. Gemma was a single mum (and technical analyst working 60 hours a week). She only went on the show for a laugh and never thought she'd meet anyone (see, told you).


5. Dan Nash and Dawn Edwards, series 2


Dan picked Dawn after she showed off her air guitar skills. Dawn had been passed over by five guys on other episodes of Take Me Out before she finally got her date on Fernando's. They got married in 2014.

6. Greig Senior and Kerry Beacom, series 3


Greig and Kerry were on different episodes of Take Me Out, but they met at the end of season house party, and hit it off.

Look at their wedding it involved a dog in a tux!


Yep, Andrew screwed up and chose model Peggy instead.


Andrew and Peggy actually really enjoyed their date on Fernando's and even kissed, but when Andrew got home he decided he'd made the wrong choice. He got in touch with Lindsay and they started dating.