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    7 Couples Who Found True Love On "Take Me Out"

    Welcome to the Isle of Fernan-I-Do

    Take Me Out is amazing.

    I mean, yes, it's crude, kinda tacky, and painfully gender normative.

    But it's also just very, very fun.

    And deeply silly.

    This is the best bit though: Against all odds, people have actually found true love on the show.

    So here are the 7 Take Me Out couples that gone and done got married...

    1. Beckie Finch and Adam Ryan, series 8

    Adam went to Fernando's with Laura, and Beckie went with a guy called James.

    Omg here they are getting married in April 2017!

    Let the bride see the groom! Congratulations on your wedding day Beckie and Adam! 💒 @beckie_finch ❤ @AdamRyan_

    Look at them! He's so in love he forgot his socks.

    2. Stuart Smith and Robyn Utton, series 5

    And this is Stuart marrying Robyn in 2017!

    3. Dave Cobain and Adele Vellacott, series 2

    And obv Dave and Adele fell for each other, and they got married in 2014:

    And look – here's their little baby Freddy!

    4. Gavin Ellis and Gemma Gordon, series 5

    But here they are getting married two years later!

    And this is their baby, Elvie-Rose:

    5. Dan Nash and Dawn Edwards, series 2

    6. Greig Senior and Kerry Beacom, series 3

    Look at their wedding it involved a dog in a tux!

    7. Andrew Shaw and Lindsay McCartney, series 2

    Yep, Andrew screwed up and chose model Peggy instead.

    Reader, she married him.