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    Updated on Mar 11, 2020. Posted on Dec 26, 2019

    19 British Food Photos That'll Make Brits Weak At The Knees

    Some sexy pics to make you hungry AND thirsty.

    1. This utterly scandalous feast of kings in a greasy spoon.

    2. This obscene take on dippy eggs.

    3. And this one...

    4. This breakfast sandwich, which is pure and utter filth.

    5. The expectant moment before you dunk in a finger.

    @mollyfleet / Via Twitter: @mollyfleet

    No dirty word play on "fingers", please.

    6. This very, very rude bacon butty.

    7. The sexiest toastie with a cup of tea.

    8. This buttery, flakey, fresh-from-the-oven sausage roll.

    9. A delicious, oozing Welsh rarebit.

    10. This hot, glistening Marmite on buttered toast.

    11. A dirty, delicious sticky toffee pudding.

    12. This raunchy cheese toastie just waiting to be plunged into a deep bowl of Heinz tomato soup.

    UkuleleKris / Via Twitter: @UkuleleKris

    Who needs sex when you have cheese toasties and Heinz tomato soup?

    13. This utterly sexy Colin the Caterpillar cake, filled with delicious soft sponge and chocolate buttercream.

    @superpeachlife / Via Twitter: @superpeachlife

    I think I fancy Colin, help.

    14. How about a one night stand with a bowl of jam sponge and custard?

    15. This X-rated Cornish pasty.

    16. Quite possibly the filthiest picture of fish and chips ever taken.

    17. This monster roast, giving you the eye.

    18. Hot crumpets, dripping in butter – a guilty pleasure for a Saturday afternoon.

    19. Two naughty Percy Pigs, just for you.

    @SophieKnight01 / Via Twitter: @SophieKnight01