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    19 Reasons "The Witches" Is The Scariest Film Of All Time

    Evil child-killers stalk orphaned boy, rating PG.

    The Witches is one of the most horrific, gruesome, and frankly traumatising films of all time.

    If you haven’t seen it, or if you just want a bleak reminder to celebrate Halloween, here are some of most fucked-up moments from the movie...

    1. The extremely disturbing bit when a small child goes missing and turns up in a painting.

    There she is. She’s paint now.

    2. Luke’s Granny’s finger stump.

    3. The bit where Luke’s parents go out for the evening and die.

    4. This witch’s purple eyes.

    5. The bit where the Grand High Witch pulls her face off.

    6. And when she casts off her wig.

    7. The face underneath her human face.

    8. Side view.

    9. This film was rated PG.

    10. Look at her fucking hands.

    11. When all the witches take their wigs and gloves off.

    12. The angry, purple scalp rash on the witches’ bald heads.

    13. When the witches are poisoned by Luke and spew foul green smoke.

    14. They're all screaming as their bodies start to sprout hair all over.

    15. When the Grand High Witch tries to kill a baby by pushing it off a cliff.

    16. The bit where Luke convulses during his grotesque mutation into a mouse.

    17. The bit where Bruno convulses during his grotesque mutation into a mouse.

    *Sobs in a corner*

    18. When the Grand High Witch herself mutates into the most hideously deformed rodent of all.

    19. Bye, childhood. It was good while it lasted.