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    17 Gold Earrings That'll Make People Say, "Ooh, Where'd You Get Those?"

    Your ears deserve a treat.

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    1. These gorgeous mis-matched shapes.

    Wild Nora /

    2. And these simple lines.

    Wild Nora /

    3. These wonky pebbles.

    Raw Objekt /

    4. Or these smooth ones.

    Lovat Lane Jewellery /

    5. These small and simple squares.

    Wild Nora /

    6. This pair which are made from pieces of fools gold.

    Christina Madelt /

    7. These pressed gold studs.

    Jewell Collect /

    8. These sweet wire hearts.

    Beckys Boutique Online /

    9. These ones which are little star anises.

    Joy Everley /

    10. And these beautiful gold hoverflies.

    Joy Everley /

    11. These subtle gold cubes.

    Joy Everley /

    12. These adorable pineapples.

    EVY Designs /

    13. These quadrilateral shapes.

    Huiyitan /

    14. And these incy-wincy stars.

    Fragiski /

    15. These lovely lightning strikes.

    Huiyitan /

    16. These gorgeous moons.

    Pretty Wild Jewellery /

    17. And these little arrows.

    Boutiquable /